[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun - 10/12/2007

Arashi teaches YOU how to be a good housewife.

The floor cleaning contest.

Nino, coercing Ohno to go first. You, evil you...
Ohno in the pink apron is... sho... kiut.

Stop grabbing your imaginary breasts...
Still grabbing them, aren't ya?
Jun was asked to go next by, again, Nino. Jun was asked to do it in a wild and sexy way.

Aiba says "Now, this is the new sexay." as he imitates Jun.
Nino, practicing before starting.

Clearly, the practicing proved useless.
As he fell... and fell.

Actually, Arashi is made up of five very fine young men when you clearly observe them.
Aiba, last to go.

The dash to the finishing line...
Onion-peeling contest, the first to finish peeling the onion to the core wins.

Ohno has the hands of a woman. But then they are larger than the average women hands.
Sho has the most exaggerated expressions, but funny. xD
Ohno... is... um...

By sucking a milk bottle, you will understand how a baby feel when fed.
To this point, I have a question...
Arashi, really...
what is it...
that they want to become...
in the future?
What is the aim that they want to achieve by doing all these crap?
The fasted to strip a mannequin wins.
By piercing a long pole through a donut the fasted, you will learn to put a thread through a needle. Really, its just the same thing.
Sho has the silliest smile.
Bite a bread that is jumping out of a toaster.
Jun. That is not attractive...

The below screencaps are just... because I think Aiba is really hot recently...

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