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Okay, I followed a link to an LJ community and found that there are a lot of crazy fangirls out there. Like, seriously, majorly crazy enough to actually form a PostSecret-JE version. I was like (O.o)

But, shock aside, I found this. It was an entry by a fangirl who appears to dislike KAT-TUN and MatsuJun.

I totally cracked up at this. In fact, everytime I read it, I crack up again. xD This is genius! This is effing hilarious! Whoever wrote this just... seriously rock!


Even though I don't dislike Jun, its just... he really should have his mouth taped when he tries to sing... and KAT-TUN should just go become some street gangsters and stop polluting my screen... (There, total denial that I am the one who initiate for the occurrence of them on my monitor screen.)

They seriously think they're so badass and cool. Gah seriously, if they are indeed so cool, they'd go form a wannabe rock band instead of joining Johnny's and probably doing that old man Johnny's to get to the top. Manwhores.

Not that the rest don't do the manwhore thing, just less, and they are less flashy about it.

xD But yeah... xD salutes to the person who came up with the statement on the image. ^^

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Matsujun's precious singing is like an open-secret in Arashi-land! Everyone knows that pup can't sing for nuts...

    Crazy awesome poster!

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