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Yokoyama Yu.
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I remembered him as the obnoxious fat one from Kanjani8 that made a lot of noise and lowered the class of Kanjani8. Instead of proper idols, they were known as merely comedians who sing.

He was annoying in "Haikei Chichiue sama", but I only watched half of the first episode, so I am not sure how his character went. Yoko was just plain annoying, overacts but can be mildly funny at times. Oh and his lips are always that red.
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That was what Yoko was to me. The annoying one that Kanjani8 can do without.

I used past tense in the above paragraphs because I happen to think that Yoko is just plain hot after Nishikido in Kanjani8 right now.

I think playing Kikumasamune Seishiro had something to do with it.

Playing a sexay, cool character sorta made Yoko realize his potential. He is idol material after all. He can be cool after all. He shouldn't settle for being the joker. And after watching a lot of Kanjani8 variety shows, I observed Yoko's demeanor change. Yoko became more... [I cannot describe it], his aura sorta... became more... comfy.

I am not sure if it is the fame factor or anything, but Kanjani8 surely has gotten easier on the eyes. The good thing about it is that Yoko's change isn't like Jin's. During performances or shows, Yoko still acts goofy once in a while. But it no longer overacted.

Earlier this year.
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Yoko was actually very obnoxious in the past, but now... he is so composed and stuff. Its almost like how Yoko absorbed a bit of Seishiro into himself. OR he was doing the method acting thing. OR, I am too taken by Seishiro that I see Yoko as Seishiro. Either ways... its cool.

I like Yoko with the Seishiro-hair. But then these idols change their hair style every 5 days. (Okay, after every drama/movie.) So I will be sad if Yoko says goodbye to Seishiro hair, since Yukan Club has ended. Even Taguchi dyed his hair brown and looks sucky. I prefer Bidou-hair on Taguchi. Jin can have any hair he fancies, its not like I give a crap about Jin.
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Yoko didn't go to high school. I don't know what is his story since I cannot acquire his version of Shounen Club Premium, but he didn't go to highschool. And when kids his age go to Johnny's lessons with their school uniform, he had to wear his work clothes. I think it was some sort of blue-collar job, so the clothes are not like what corporate workers wear. So he usually changed into daily clothes after work and then changed into Johnny's outfit during lessons.

Poor Yoko was a junior for a long time. He is about the age of Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki. They debuted 5 years before Yoko. Kinda sad, but oh well. At least he is doing great right now. Kanjani8 is doing great.
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Just a random fact. Nishikido and Uchi are in Kanjani8 before they were in NewS. The 8 member of Kanjani were previously named Kansai Juniors and they were performing on Shounen Club as a group. Then with the debut of NewS, the other 6 thought that their chance had gone by. It is good that Kanjani8 got to debut just a year after NewS and they are doing better than NewS!

Not that I have anything against NewS and RyoPi is good, but its just... See I like Arashi, then I like Kanjani8 and then I like NewS and then I like... KinKi Kids or KAT-TUN, and then its Tackey & Tsubasa or Hey! Say! JUMP. OMFG did I just say Hey Say JUMP? Nevermind. Chinen Yuri can be my pet. Its cool.

Back to Yoko. I do realize that Yoko has a weird looking mouth. I am trying to overlook that fact right now. Everyone has a weird thing or two about their faces. Not everyone is Angelina Jolie.

Johnny's Countdown is tonight! But its on Fuji TV not NHK, means all I get to watch is stupid Kouhaku with lotsa transvestite and old women singing enka. Oh and SMAP.

I want Countdown. I want Arashi, I want Kanjani8, I want NewS, and V6, and KinKi Kids. Oh KinKi might be on Kouhaku. I might want KAT-TUN. Oh tonight, there will be a special collaboration between Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO), Nagano Hiroshi (V6), Nishikido Ryo (NewS), Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8), Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) and *drumroll* IKUTA TOMA! Toma is getting into all kinds of stuff these days. Anyways, because these are the kids that are completing their second or third circle of the chinese zodiac that lasts for 12 years. The first two are turning 36 next year, the latter 3 are turning 24! Excited I am, Ryo and Toma!! No one from Arashi cos they all turned 26 but are still far from 36. Riida/Ohno/Captain or whatever you wanna call him is still 27 going on 28 next year. Oh old he is.

I will talk about how Jun has a one sided thing for Ohno who loves Nino who loves Ohno back NEXT TIME.

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  1. I LOVE YOKO!!!! :D :D :D
    He's my favourite K8 member ^__^

    "I like Yoko with the Seishiro-hair"

    Are you kidding me!?!?!? Can anyone else not look at that and NOT M.E.L.T.????

  2. i love yoko so much because of his songs... he always makes great song with the strong lyrics ^0^ im still in love with fantastic music and kicyu :D

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