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3 December 2007

So this is why I don't like KAT-TUN...

You know, I tried.

They have so many fans, they sold so many CDs that I thought they ought to have something good about them that they are so popular.

Every time I see them on a talk show or performing live, they piss me off. To a point where I don't want to watch anymore of their crap.
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When they are performing, Jin, Kame and Koki piss me off.

When they are not performing, Jin pisses me off.
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Why does Jin have to act like he's all cool and hot and sexy and crap? I mean, why can't they learn from their seniors and be modest? Tackey & Tsubasa, Arashi, Kanjani8 are all quite modest. They don't run around, flashing their whatever. Jin needs a humble pie.

Jin needs to stop being fat. He is so fat that watching him trying to dance and keep up with the rest is a pain. Jin is so fat that he could hardly jump. I don't usually criticize people for being fat, unless they think they're the sexiest men on earth.

Gah, Jin gets on my nerves these days. So does Pi. Back when Jin was still a junior and Pi was just starting out, they were so fun and airheaded. I don't even care what happened. Seeing their faces piss me off. Big time.

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Koki's rap... its not that its not good. But he was mumbling that I cannot understand.

I think Koki should take lessons from Sho. I think Koki should tone down the thug image. Its not cool. In fact, he oversings. Jin oversings.

I started out favouring Koki, now I like Nakamaru and Taguchi.
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Kame is really likable when he is not performing.

When Kame performs, he turns into a super slut.

I blame it on Tackey. Tackey is the queen of all sluts. And now KAT-TUN exceeded him in sluttiness. I mean... in their concerts, they actually put a hand on their crotch and pull the camera towards their crotch with the other hand.

I am disturbed. I never for once saw any Arashi members do that . If Kame doesn't turn into a slut during performances, it would be better.
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At one point in the live performance, the music slowed down and they had to sing in a harmonizing sorta way.

That was when Jin overdid the singing. He was like "WOWOWOWOWOW" I was like... OH CRAP NOOOOOOO, stop it, you are eating away what little interest I have in your group.

Then BOOM, its gone. Thanks Jin, now I can focus more attention on Arashi and anyone but KAT-TUN.
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Nakamaru, is as usual, forgotten by the camera.

I don't get why they overlook him. He is special. But if being in the spotlight means being like Jin and Kame, then I am happy that Nakamaru is overlooked.
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I realized that a large portion of their fans are drawn by Jin and Kame. If I have to put a percentage to that, it would be 70%. Everyone keeps "Kame!!" "Jin!!" it pisses me off.

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