[Talk] Some Fans Are Scary

Now, I don't want to name countries or whatever. But some fans, somewhere can be scary.


There's a difference between fangirling using words, and actions. I use words.

I talk crap about them, then I get over it... then its over. Going to concerts is not my thang. Its sweaty, its stinky, and you see about 5 or 6 flies jumping around on stage. I won't spend hundreds just to see flies jumping on stage. >.> I'd rather spend just a small portion of that, buying a DVD that I can repeat and repeat.

Instead of considering others my priority, I consider myself my priority. Do you know going to concerts is like risking your life? You might get trampled to death.

AND, do you know DBSK's Cassiopeia fanclub is really scary?

They worship them, literally.

They weep in the presence of their 'gods', they offer offerings in the shapes of presents, they will murder whoever who tries to hurt them or um... date them, if they have the chance.

This is just scary. How can there be people who dedicate their lives to such... a useless cause?

Liking them for a past time is good. Because watching hot people doing crap when you are bored makes you feel like you did crap too. Doing crap is good.

Anyways, spending years and years caring about the same people, dedicate your lives to knowing about them, that is kinda scary, IMO. And wasteful. Time is important.

This is why I don't like an artist of a group for long.

I figured an artist only deserves a certain amount of my glorious attention.

I mean, take away the artist status, they are only human beings.

My neighbour Dorothy can be just like them, given the proper make-up and cosmetic surgery and of course, the opportunity.

In fact, any one of us can be like them given the proper makeover and opportunity.

Just that we don't.

This is when I say I hate these artists because they are so lucky and life is unfair.

Okay, now I am pissed.

I might just lay off the Arashi.


Whatever la.

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