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Okay, Sho writes a lot, if not all, of the rap lyrics himself. Since he was going to be the one rapping it, he might as well have written it.

I would say I enjoy his rapping. I don't normally like rap music and all, but Sho's rap in Sakura Sake is actually really enjoyable in an indescribable way.

Since I don't understand Japanese, the parts I catch are usually the English part.

Raps often mix a lot of English in there.

When I was listening to Arashi's "Kitto Daijoubu", I got a shock when I heard something like this: "Gonna make love.... every every day..."

I almost choked on air.

I was like "NO WAY!!!" Sho wouldn't put such thoughts into his lyrics.

I listened to it again, Sho's pronunciation for English is actually really good. And I swear I heard that he said he wants to make love everyday.

So what else can I do but look up the lyrics?

The opening rap lyrics is as such, pay attention to the last 5 lines that are in English.

When I was driving in the night
気付けばまだ確かにほら 空にTwilight
kitsukeba mada tashikani hora sora ni Twilight
hikari ga naku tomonai
ならまだまだ You shouldn't cry cry cry
nara mada mada You shouldn't cry cry cry
Tell me what u wanna "ah ah"
Weekend gonna make luv "ah ah"
from monday to sunday
every every every day
lucky lucky lucky my life
I don't know how Japanese people interpret the five lines, but for me, it seems like Sho is going to get some during the week end. But then he doesn't think its enough, he wants it from Monday to Sunday. He wants it everyday. If he gets it everyday, he would feel that his life is lucky lucky and very lucky.

Well, that's how it seems to me.

Bad Sho. Stop being so desperate until you feel that you need to put it into your lyrics la!

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Sho totally wants some.

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