[SP] Tokio Chichi e no Dengon

Starring: Kokubun Taichi, Sakurai Sho, Yasuda Kei...


Miyamoto Takumi was a young man when he met his son who came from the future and changed his life.

The drama jumps from the past, where Takumi's son, Tokio helped Takumi to look for his then girlfriend and encouraged Takumi in many ways, to the present, where Tokio is lying on the hospital bed with a sickness.

Tokio's predicted to not live more than 20 years of life.

The drama started out with Tokio bedridden and Takumi, telling his unnatural meeting with his son to the doctor who is responsible for Tokio.

This is a tale of father-son bonding, touching, sad, stuff.


I like to watch Sho and Taichi, but the story is ridiculous and the explanation is not clear. How Tokio traveled through time is not explained... or did I missed it? Oh well, its just... there are too many missing puzzles, too many parts that are not logical or just... parts that I don't like.



(;_; )


Arashi members need to stop dying.


Why do director want to kill them like that?

I always thought Kokubun Taichi is just an airhead who jokes a lot. Whoever thought he could act. Before this, I only saw Taichi in "Fantastipo", that was a crack movie, so its difficult to judge his acting.

Sho... ah... he is so handsome. How come I always thought that Jun was the hottest? I think Sho is the hottest, followed by Aiba. But I still like Ohno... because of his unrivaled stupidity.

But this is indeed a touching drama. It is one of those dramas that air for 15 minutes each episode for 20 episodes. Combined together, its about 5 hours or so.

I don't know about the subs, but I kinda had to watch it without, which is tough. But actions are a method of communication that is beyond borders. ^^

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