[Talk] Akanishi Jin Annoys Me


I liked Jin. When he was stupid and all pre-debut.

BUT GODDDDDDDD I hate him right now. The mere sight of his face sends anger signals through my mind and then I just get really agitated for that reason.

And when Jun was being a total bitch to Jin on Utawara repeatedly, I find Jun THAT MUCH more likable.

Jun is such a bitch to him, I love Jun now.


Now Arashi is the ONLY group that I like every single member.

Watch Jun being a bitch to Jin!

I am totally siding with Jun because Jin is after all Jun's junior. Why is Jin being so impolite to Jun? Just because KAT-TUN's debut single was a hit, but Arashi's debut single nearly crossed the million mark as well. KAT-TUN my ass.

Jin made KAT-TUN stink.

Jin made KAT-TUN annoying.

Jin should go back to L.A. which he liked so much and stay there.

Oh and this Jun-Jin thing is just a joke. I think.

Johnny's boys are all crack anyways.

But I cannot help hoping they're really THAT bitchy to each other.

Lol, Jun can totally outbitch Jin. Jin just looks like he sleeps around, Jun is just plain evil looking.

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  1. Jin annoys you? You can do whatever you want here in your blog right? then go ahead do whatever you want who the hell cares? Well I just want you to know that you annoy me thats all...
    (a little advice just don't let other Jin Lovers about it because you pissed them!)

    hey why don't you join crunchyroll? it is a very nice site!!!

  2. Oh I dont recall that I pissed on anyone. I mean, I always used the potty dear. ^^

    Woo, join crunchyroll. The teeny bopper wants me to join... woo, big fucking deal.

    Oh yeah, you will be ignored from here onwards. Loves and kisses dear.

  3. with such that behaviour . U dont deserve to be Arashi fans ..cause if u were kat-tun fans u would say the same thing to Jun . Am i rght ? . ...watch yourself in the mirror ..arashi would ashamed if they know there is fan like you

  4. I find this is hilarious!! Everyone knows Arashi fans look upon certain slutty bands with disdain...*coughcough* There's a recent rumour Jin has STDs - not that I'm particularly surprised.

    1st Anon: This is Rei's blog. She can hell write whatever she wants. Go run along to your Kattun shrine. People are entitled to their own opinion, just because we don't like the same pretty boy as you do doesn't preclude us from taking pot-shots at him.

    Kimi: Hey, lighten up. She's obviously just kidding. Besides, I know a lot of Arashi fans who get pissed off with certain bands; that doesn't make us any less of a fan. Being a fan is not exactly akin to becoming a member of the clergy. We don't have to be saints and act all holy and polite. I'm not ashamed of Rei; I agree with most of what she says and even if I don't, I won't put her down because of it. It's just a matter of personal preference.

    Oh well, my point is, Rei, please continue writing this awesome delicious crap about JE! If you don't, no one will! I like that you have the guts to write such things :) You go girl!

    *God. I can't believe I have sunk so low to argue with people about Johnnys and freedom of speech*

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