[TV] MKMF 2007

MKMF is like... the Grammy of Korea. Last year, TVXQ or whatever you want to call them, won 3 (or was it 4?) awards and sorta made history or something.

Since TVXQ's popularity went off the meter and became like, invincible and got worshipped by fangirls in Korea, they figured, "Hey, let's try and conquer Japan next year!" which is why they kept releasing Japanese singles, albums and stuff. They released 7 Japanese singles this year... 7! I was like... "They are trying to rob fans..." it is either that, or Avex is trying to kill them by exhausting them. You know, the patriotism and all.

I bet they went "Fucking Koreans, trying to invade our nation, lets pretend to take them under our wing and like, exhaust them to death or something."

7 SINGLES! And they have about 6 singles lined up to be released next year. Seriously! The only other artist I know of that released 7 singles in a year is L'arc en Ciel in 1998.

AND, their songs, PVs in Japan started to suck.

Oh, back to MKMF, I browsed through because Korean fanatical fangirls scare me. So I saw Super Junior, Cheong Sang Ji Hee, and the latest SM product, Girls Generation. We were bored by the show until... (No, TVXQ wasn't there.)


Gackt showed up.

No, no kidding. Gackt showed up. Gackt who cooked curry while being in the nude. Gackt who feared the light. Gackt who started a group with Yoshiki, Miyavi and Sugizo.

I once was watching NHK's Taiga drama or something... Fuurin Kanzan or something like that, and then BOOM Gackt was there.

Gackt wasn't in MSSL this year though. Neither was BoA or Amuro Namie.

But since I am so into Johnny's I don't really care. Lol. Oh well.

I'm done.

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