[Buzz] 流星の絆 Drama

Okay, I am not sure about the title of this new drama. It is either "Nagareboshi no Kizuna" OR "Ryuusei no Kizuna". Frankly, I don't quite care. They can call it "Unko no Kizuna" and I will still watch it if the rumoured cast is for real.

Its about swindler siblings. A mastermind, a master of disguise and a seductress. But they weren't always like that, their parents died and they had to find a way to live. Or something. Whatever.

The best part is that Nino is rumoured to be casted as the eldest. Ryo or Toma is casted as the second and a girl is casted as the youngest, I shall make a daring assumption that it is Toda Erika because she is in the rumoured cast list.

I visited various sites to read up on the rumour and a few sites mentioned Nishikido Ryo will be playing the younger brother, some said Toma. I personally think that Nino and Ryo can make a good duo, since the two are like so short and so full of evil. BUT, a lot of Japanese sites said Toma will be playing Nino's character's younger brother.


I hope its Ryo. Cos I had previously thought that the two would make a good duo, and if they get along well, the people around them will suffer from their poison tongues, if they don't get along well, then serious poisons will be spitted.

Please be true. The drama. I don't care, I want another double-Johnny's because I am like that.

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  1. I know you probably don't read this anymore since you left but I just couldn't help commenting at the part about Ryo and Nino being both short and evil. Too true. I still like them though. Esp Ryo.

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