[Drama] Yasuko to Kenji

Summer 2008


Starring: Matsuoka Masahiro, Hirosue Ryoko, Tabe Mikako, Ohkura Tadayoshi...
Yasuko and Kenji lost their parents. Since then, Kenji, who was in a bikers' gang worked as a mangaka to support Yasuko and himself. Yasuko grew up and started to hate her brother's rough and controlling ways.
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One fine day, Tsubaki Jun and Erika moved to town. Jun is a handsome young man and Erika is his pretty elder sister who is a florist. Yasuko quickly developed a crush on Jun who entered her high school.
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Yasuko's blooming affections for Jun faced objections from Kenji. Actually, Kenji practically controls her love life and forbids her to date. On the other hand, Erika and Kenji seems to have a past together~
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How will the two pair of siblings and their relationships with each other progress? Yeah. I HAD to ask the question to make it seem more... um... synopsis-ish. I don't know. Really, ever read the back of a DVD jacket? They always have questions, sorta like to increase the interest or whatever.
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Episode 1:

I could smell the comedy upon the first few minutes of watching it. xD And Mabo is sexay! Sexay I tell you. And really, Yasuko is just a really spoiled and ungrateful bitch. I mean, his brother doesn't really have to carry the responsibility of taking care of her. But he did. So all she could do is suck it up and be grateful.

But ah... Hirosue Ryoko's character is totally love! OMFG hilarity! OMFG I love it already! See? Comedy! Comedy pwns the asses of doctor dramas, seriously. What we want from doctor dramas, we got from E.R., Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, House and... many more. We want biker gangs, funny Japanese humour and pretty boysies WITH facial expressions. A wet sponge has more facial expressions than Yamapi.

Hirosue Ryoko was at one time the IT girl of Japan. I think. Well I wouldn't know for sure since I live a gazillion miles away. Ohkura Tadayoshi... has as many facial expressions as a konnyaku. xD What? Seriously! Its stiff, stiff stiff! Pi, Hongo Kanata, Takaki Yuya... they need to learn to project~ But it doesn't matter in the Japanese world of entertainment. If you're hot enough, you can stand in front of the camera like a talking stick and still hit it big. No kidding.

Episode 2 & 3:

I love this drama a lot. Mabo and Hirosue Ryoko! xD Its very funny but it seems to follow the same pattern for every episode. Something new comes up, Yasuko gets pissed at Kenji. Yasuko realizes that Kenji sacrificed for her. Yasuko gets kidnapped. Erika, Jun and Kenji + his sidekicks rush to the scene. Yasuko gets saved.

You wonder how they all know that Yasuko was kidnapped. You wonder how they always know when to show up.

xD Funny though, the drama.

Its repetitive enough to predict yet funny enough to make you want to watch it despite the repetitiveness.

Upon finishing: TBA

Ratings: 3.5/5

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