[Drama] Maou

Summer 2008

Episodes: Unknown

Starring: Ohno Satoshi, Ikuta Toma, Kobayashi Ryoko, Gekidan Hitori, Oshinari Shugo, Uehara Misa...

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Naruse Ryo is a so-called genius lawyer who appears kind, helpful and polite. But behind the smiling face is a scheming mind with a sad past. Making use of his wits and abilities, Naruse plots a revenge for his beloved and irreplaceable younger brother, Hideo, who was killed when Ryo was a high schooler. His revenge will be a carefully plotted, detailed and slowly executed one.
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Serizawa Naoto is a hot-headed, impulsive cop whose family opposes to his choice of occupation. But there is more to Naoto than meets the eye, his middle-school years were tainted and filled with memories that he tries not to remember.
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The stories of these two men intertwined and will be unfolded in this suspense drama. This drama will follow Naruse's quest for vengeance and Naoto's mission to catch the mastermind of a series of murder. And somewhere along the way, a pretty librarian with psychic abilities named Sakita Shiori is caught between the two men and their dark past.
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I CANNOT wait for the drama to finish to start watching, and I didn't since this past season. So, I am going to keep updating this blog entry with every new episode because I am convinced I will have something to yakk about after watching them. I am not sure if I am biased because Ohno and Toma are in it, or the storyline itself is thrilling to watch. But... OMG. I am hooked to it. More so than "Last Friends" or "Zettai Kareshi". But I always liked dramas with a darker, depressing tone as compared to happy, happy, friendship, love stories.

My so-called 'opinions' below contain spoiler and its not worth the read at all because you know I am going to go on and on about Ohno and his evil alter ego who is so much shaggable than I thought he would be. No, hot headed cops are not my type. I like evil, heartless characters and Ohno has acnes and so does Nino. How come Toma has such good skin?

The theme song:

Truth by Arashi. Yet to be released. xD Some of the lyrics are questionable.

I'll take your life forever, you'll take my life forever"????

I totally ROTFL when I heard that. To make things worse, they had to repeat it for the second verse. xD The idea of it is funny, thats all. Thanks, but I am not into the whole lets die together thing. xD But I have to say, when the song reached its chorus, I knew it was good. The verses didn't impress me much.
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Episode 1:

The character Naruse Ryo's two-faced evilness was carried out rather well, surprisingly. I actually didn't expect Ohno to be able to pull off evil. I knew he was able to pull off insolent bastard *cough*Utaban*cough* but evil is a whole new thing. And I am glad that he was able to. And that new, confident posture of his, phewwwit, confidence is sexy. However, I am not liking how the drama is so trying to associate Naruse with the devil. I mean, he may be a masterminding, manipulative and heartless psycho who buried his heart along with his little brother upon the little brother's death. BUT, he is not quite the devil, really. Its just trying to exaggerate to make him look cooler, which is not quite working at all.

Serizawa Naoto - I think Toma is extremely shaggable. xD Right, if anyone finds that word unsuitable, I shall replace it with... hot. (
Rather bland, that word 'hot', I mean, shaggable gives more of an impact, it comes with a BOOM. But hot will do.) But how do I put this as subtly as possible? His character is~ annoying. His impulsiveness, his bossiness, his brash personality, I like none of that. Men should be calm, cool and collected. xD Well yeah, if you ask me. But in the beginning, his character appeared to be a typical detective, later, you'll see that there is more than one dimension to his character, a character that is plagued by regret and guilt of his past mistakes. Mistakes that went unpunished... until the drama begins.

Although her character is not prominent yet, I think this Shiori girl will play a big role towards the end. I mean, her being psychic is a little... "What the feck?" for me, because, like seriously... SERIOUSLY, I don't need a psychic in a detective drama, especially such a powerful one. Like, kills the fun, putting the cops hot on Ryo's trail. However, I'd love to see Ohno charm a girl. xD LOL, yeah, bring her fishing will ya? xD Wait, I am so mixing up the character and the man himself. xD LOL.

The music/soundtrack is appropriately used. I sure did taste the suspense it was trying to convey. Seriously, before I knew it, I had been holding my breath for a quite a while.

The characters need wardrobe expansion, really.

Episode 2

In some ways, Naruse Ryo IS like the devil, tempting others to commit crimes for his own satisfaction and stuff. I guess the comparison is not based on nothing. I really hope there would be something good coming out of his relationship with Shiori. I'd love to watch Ohno get some action. Though I'd prefer the action to come from Naoto, but considering the direction the story is moving towards... its... a slim chance that that will happen. =D

And this Kobayashi Ryoko is pretty and all. Ohno deserves to cuddle prettiness. Because he is that hot. xD Its so cute, the interaction between the two and the way Shiori fancies Ryo. I hope that Ryo would not be too dead inside to make use of her though. Currently, it seems that Ryo has not been calculating on using her yet... until that very last scene in this second episode, the one where he has a nasty smile on his face.

I am clinging on to the image of Ohno, the idiot who cannot even read simple kanji characters instead of Ryo, educated, calculating, evil lawyer.

Ohno's face is perfect for the innocent look, really. Ryo is lucky to share Ohno's face. xDD This Naruse Ryo is really a good researcher. xD What is he? A freaking stalker? You wonder how a lawyer has so much free time. A big-time lawyer at that. And why does fate seem to always side with the man like that? Its a bit ridiculous and how can he pull of such impossible manipulation and crimes. What is he? Omnipotent? LOL. But its cool to have such a character though. xD

Oh well, some parts of a drama are not meant to be logical. Should have expected that when Shiori was shown to be a psychic. LOL.

Toma's Naoto is too brash. And a hypocrite, which is why I dislike him. First he dislikes Ryo only because Ryo is the defense attorney for the person who accidentally murdered Naoto's family lawyer. Secondly, he condemned the murderer for crimes that he himself commited years ago. Thirdly, he is too loud. Fourthly, he is against Ryo. xD

OMFG I am going off to watch it again. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN.


Since the only Japanese channel I have is NHK, I have to really wait and search a long, long time to watch this every Saturday morning. I was throwing a fit because my parents made me abandon this episode for dinner. Then I moped around for half an hour whining about how Maou is only aired once a week. T_T Means it will end in about 9 weeks' time. T_T NO. I am sad. They should air it everyday because I really cannot take it anymore.

*Goes into drama queen mode.*

Yeah, I am fine, I am fine. xD LOL. I just like to tune up the drama a bit.

But I know the character Ryo will not have a good ending IF the drama adheres to the usual course of Japanese dramas. He will either: 1) Die a horrible death, 2) Be jailed with Toma hating himself because his crime caused the death of all those around him, 3) Die with Toma in a final showdown. xD

Episode 3:

Watched it on a Sunday night or shall we say Monday, just past midnight. Late, I know. My results were published on Friday and I had a busy weekend. Anyways, I find this drama more and more gripping after each episode. You slowly see the characters' fates being interrelated. Nothing is a coincidence in the drama. I am wondering now, how much did this Japanese version copied the Korean version and was the Korean version as great, if not better? I mean, it must be better if they copied from it.

Serizawa Naoto was a proud man, brought to his knees, literally, by Naruse Ryo. He tried to forget his past, and now, he is forced to confront it in order to save all that he loved. Its ironic, really, especially the first death of the lawyer who represented Naoto back when he was charged with murder and got away with it. And how dare Naoto accuse this Amano Makoto of being a killer. Amano is no more a killer than Naoto himself is!

He is a proud man, brought down by the devil, who is usurping all things dear to him. And in a way, I think that he deserves the torment. BUT those that died didn't deserve it as much, being only Naoto's accomplice. I think Naruse Ryo resents them for aiding him, that is all. But Ryo is doing the exact same thing, what does he make of those who aided himself to complete his revenge plot? He is treading down the same route Naoto did, possibly a worst one. But a tit for a tat. I think.

In this episode, we can see that this Shiori didn't just appeared in the lives of the two main character. She was there, all along, wasn't she? It wasn't coincidence that she met the both of them. Its the devil, I tell you. We can also see that perhaps Ryo has a soft spot for Shiori and her pure, kind heart. I anticipate the next episode like no other drama this season. Though I am watching like... 5 of them. xD

Episode 4:

Brilliant use of literature as hints. From "Faust" to "The Divine Comedy". What next? "The Canterbury Tales"? No, wait "Paradise Lost"! Its perfect for this drama isn't it? John Milton's "Paradise Lost"! Anyways~ Love the excerpts from the great literatures of our time. (
Or... not quite our time, really.) In this episode, I begin to be able to see things from Naoto's perspective.

People do things. Especially when we are younger. Young and insecure. We do things. A lot of them wrong. We inflict suffering on others, sometimes on purpose. But its because we are young and we have so much to learn. But sometimes, you cannot atone for your sins. Its not that easy. But for Ryo, the law was not just. The law couldn't help him, so he brought the responsibility upon himself. He is a lawyer, yet he trusts not in the law.

Its a really depressing drama. OR, I think too much about the characters. Yeah, I think too much into them. But I like how the characters are not merely one-dimensional ones. Its really fun to discover more to them that meets the eye.

Shiori you slut! Stay loyal to Ryo! I thought you liked him. T_T The poor thing is being left to suffer on his own! xD I kid. Its just, it seems that Ryo is fighting a one-man war against everyone else in the story. I had hoped that Shiori would be on Ryo's side if and when she finds out. Fat chance with that. T_T Since Naoto seems to have the hots for her. BUT the police chick seems to have to hots for Naoto. Oh well.

Episode 5:

Its getting stupid and ridiculous. Why would Ryo send an anagram to hint the cops about the name "Amano Makoto" being actually, an anagram as well? Its just plain stupid.

And Naoto was clearly jealous when Ryo picked up Shiori's phone. I won't even be surprised if a love triangle is formed. And I don't like it when love scenes are inserted under the presumption that it will pull viewers in. Frankly, I don't really care. Because I am waiting for characters to die. And for two episodes, no one died. I am unhappy.

Ryo, kill someone already. Its about time, don't you think?

That Yamano person scares me. He has that foggy look in his eyes. And kids, when you see a person with that look in the streets, he can only be two things. A psycho, or a pedophile. Not kidding. Many new characters are introduced to the drama since the 4th episode. There's Naruse's sister, the really, really annoying reporter dude and Yamano.

In this episode 5, we can see that using the word "Maou" to describe Ryo would be terribly wrong. I mean, when you see the slight hint of regret in his eyes when Sora was crying about being bullied... and his feelings for Shiori. I would expect the devil to be completely devoid of feelings. I wouldn't know though. Unless someone who has met Lucifer himself come back and tell me if the devil feels regret and sympathy and love.

And that bastard Ryo and the fake encouraging words he gave to Naoto that actually have other meanings. And that cocky smile. Gah. xD Makes you wanna wipe that smirk off his face, seriously. When Naoto was like "Thanks" and all, it just makes you want to... well... um... stuff.

I think the sister of the REAL Naruse Ryo knows something. That shot of her within the last few minutes seem to hint something. I don't know. Oh well. I just want to see Ryo execute his supposedly brilliant revenge mission, that seems to be a bit long-winded. But I guess timing is everything when he is using pawns to do all the killing for him. I really want that guy Oshinari Shugo is playing to die first. So annoying.

Episode 6:

I find Naoto more and more tolerable. Finally, he is able to just suck it up and really focus on the case instead of his "Boo, hoo, I killed a boy and now someone is coming at the people around me!" drama. He faced his own demons and is now working hard at preventing this Amano Makoto from killing more people. Even that obnoxious reporter dude. It has been great, watching his character grow like that. ^^

Why did the Japanese police force NOT at least look for traces of DNA on the envelopes. Woo, lets get a psychic see to the case being solved. Savvy, why don't you try voodoo on the killer? As long as you have a piece of anything that belongs to the person, you can do it. xD VOODOOO! Well, what can I say? They like it the old school way. Or I might be watching too much CSI therefore, think that DNA can solve most of your cases for you.

I can tell that Ryo has a inner battle of his own. Poor thing obviously fell for Shiori but has to prioritize his masterminding mission. His will is wavering. T_T Its so, so sad. (Yes, I am rooting for the two because they look good together. Both short, both have fat faces. Both are extremely adorable. xD) Then he realized that he can't love. He is burdened with a mission. And he came that far, he can't stop. Oh the ending WILL be heartbreaking.

I am actually intimidated by Ohno's expressions in that scene where he went and watch Ikehata die. Its like when Keyser Soze orchestrated his plans to personally murder the one man who knows his face. Similarly, the Maou went to watch Ikehata die so that the one man who knows that he is Manaka Tomoo will bring the secret to his grave. Savvy. (Sorry, I am very taken by the movie "The Usual Suspects" which I watched for the first time a few weeks ago. And Kevin Spacey rocks.)

Finally, some blood has been shed after a few episodes of snoozefest. Ah, and what a fulfilling episode, that annoying reporter deserved it. What a rat! But he left some CD-Rs didn't he? Sigh. Oh well, we all know that the Maou lives. OR... will live for about 5 more episodes. Take or give.

This is one of the best episodes in more recent times, since the previous two was a snooze fest. I look forward to more evil Maou smile/stare. xD

Episode 7:

I was cheering the loudest when Ryo swooped Shiori in for a tight embrace. I really was.

And then the previews came out and it sorta hinted that Shiori ratted on Ryo. But I don't think that she ratted out everything.

Shiori is like a superhero girlfriend. If you watched "The Dark Knight" you would know that superhero girlfriends can only bring complication. If you watch Spiderman, you would know better than they are actually good for nothing.

Though I was rooting for them, I don't like how she sorta brings the plan to a screeching halt. No bloodshed this episode. I am most disappointed.

I was having high hopes, since Ryo is like the so-called "Devil". Go, kill someone. Have no affection for your fake sister. Gasp she knows! Kill her. Shiori suspects? Kill her too.

Go on with your plans. You have a brother to avenge! RAWR! (Gosh, I am sick. Mentally.)

Upon finishing: http://thirdofnovember.blogspot.com/2008/09/talk-end-of-maou.html

Ratings: 4/5 Very engaging.

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  1. Uh, his lips look very full. That is weird @_@.

  2. xD I assure you that banner is very photoshopped. His lips are full, but not THAT full.

    That's like my lips when a mosquito stung me on my lips when I was sleeping.

  3. I hope my comment is not spoilerific ._.

    If that's the lyric of the song, it's very fitting with the drama then xD

    So far the librarian is not really up to the Korean standard but MA-OH definitely sizzle!

    The Korean version is brilliant eps the detective. Looking at Maou 1st ep, I get the feeling it's going to be awesome as the original too~

  4. I haven't watched the Korean one, so I am not sure how this will compare to it.

    But yes, lets hope its going to be as good, if not better.

    I'm very much hooked on this one.

  5. i like your reviews! will lurk here often ^^V

  6. Oh, in response to how a big time lawyer has so much time on their hands...

    They hand a lot of the researching and summary-making stuff to the law clerks XD. Thats why we have internships :D.

  7. Aishoni: Thanks. xD

    Kaihelyanwe: Oh he is too free. Unlike a person with a peaking career. Gotta watch the drama to understand it.

    He's freer than I am. And that is very free.

  8. i know where you can get hi-res RAW Maou....

  9. =O Where?

    I actually know one place... but its uploaded on MU and I no longer have a premium MU account. T_T

    Bugger. xD Oh well.

  10. the stupid anagram was courtesy of the kinda dumb Japanese scriptwriters while the love triangle is essential for the woobies that will ensues (and it stayed true the original ♥). don't worry, now is the emotional turmoil stage. corpses will pile up and there'll be blood >DDD

    am basing these on how the amazing Mawang unfolds, so don't give up on the fabulous (unless you're hoping for a mindless gore galore because Mawang/Maou =/= mindless). Maou did good though but never can the original be beaten

  11. btw, am dissapointed with your episode 5 review... *Maou stare*

  12. BLOOD! Gewd. xD Its going fine, the drama, just slowed down a bit. I'm impatient.

    *Gasp* Maou stare! Runs back to add more to ep. 5. xD I do realize that its half-hearted. I have more to yakk, I thought all long yakking bores people. xD

  13. i've same sentiments as you do, esp on Ep.5! Wish Ryo has gotten back to some murdering than the sudden change in getting hooked onto a love triangle... but i guess that'll be the twist? Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you'll write more too! ^^

  14. Thanks canneles. ^^

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