[Buzz] Ohno and Some Old Chick

Well these are pictures that a gossip magazine called "Friday" published of Ohno and a woman 5 years his senior named Yoshida Kimika. It appears that Ohno took the shot with a cellphone. The idiot could have known better, really.

HERE are the piccies. Piccies of Ohno and Yoshida Kimika. Go look, I would have upped them here. xD But Ohno is not a random actor whom I will gossip about. xD I hold Arashi in high regard, so ~

The photos are not recent. And I am not upset at all. I mean, look at Ohno's face, how can you be upset?! Its adorable! I knew he'd suit the lolishota-fans! Look at the round chubby face! xD What?

But the thing with idols, is that stuff like this affects their popularity in Japan. Right before his drama airs, this shit happens. I hope it doesn't affect it. But then, if it does, he'd just shrug it off and go fishing, really.

Am I shocked that he's not gay? WHAT DO YOU THINK I REALLY THOUGHT HE'S GAY? Maybe a bit. xD Well, if he was, I wouldn't be shocked. If he wasn't... well its not really any of my business. LOL.

The two met on the set of a play in 2003 and it seems that they met up a lot of drinks. What? Its not like Ohno got caught torturing a dog, if he did, then if you make a big deal of it, I can understand. He's a man, he's gotta bang someone, you know? Men with no chicks to bang will go on and rape people. I am sure you don't wish that on Ohno.

Have to say though, Ohno can do better. xD That woman looks like a vampire thirsting for blood. Maybe Ohno should go with his FAMOUS fans such as Edo Harumi and Sakai Noriko. xD They're hotter, and Edo feeds breast milk! What? Gross, but still a good joke! xD

In the first piccie though, the woman looks pretty, sorta like Tsuchiya Anna, no?

But then there's another rumour about Ohno and Satoda Mai. Satoda appeared in Shukudai-kun wants and she's damn stupid, but cute. I think. Well I cannot judge women without being biased. So I am not going to. La~~~

Well, I wonder how am I going to re-build my fantasies of JunToshi and OhMiya now that this smashed it into pieces. LOL but tons of rumours of Ryo and Pi never stopped RyoPi-ness.

Yeah, I need to get a life.

Come, I shall go watch Maou and evil Ohno placing his face really, really close to Nino in the drama.

P/s: I found piccie of Morita Go and Ueto Aya too. And I have to say, OMFG MORITA GO! Aya could have done better, Go is so short! But oh it seems that Aya is very emotionally invested in the relationship. Go is almost thirty anyways. xD

It was running rumour that if a Johnny's boy reaches 30, they're able to go around and like... bang women and get married, as did Inocchi. Ah, the boys are all grown up~

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