[Drama] Ashita no Kita Yoshio

Winter 2008

Episodes: 11

Starring: Kohinata Fumiyo, Matsuda Ryuhei, Konishi Manami, Kuriyama Chiaki, Kaname Jun, Namase Katsuhisa, Yoshitaka Yuriko...
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Kita Yoshio found his life in the pits after a series of events. He decided that he would end his life in 11 days from when the drama started picking up on his life - on his best friend's death anniversary.
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Yoshio then met a lot of people in his remaining 11 days who will collectively change the course of his life. A significant presence was a mysteriou cabaret club manager who loves to quote his father's advice about life, named Yashiro Heita and his girlfriend Hasegawa Rika, Idol Yoimachi Shinobu, some cabaret girls.
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Mizuho, Yoshio's beloved ex-wife will also come into the picture within the so-called miraculous last 11 days of his life. In addition to all these people, there's an investigator who is silently following their traces in order to uncover the mysterious death circumstances of Mizuho's second husband.
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Will all these events change Yoshio's plan? Will his determination to commit suicide waver? xD Well yeah considering how this drama was aired in early 2008... my attempts to increase suspense surely wont work. xD
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After the first episode, the rest seems kinda slow and boring. When I reached the 6th episode, I was thinking~ go kill yourself already. Kohinata Fumiyo scares me shitless. Seriously. That man is freaky. No freakin' wonder the series never even got a 10% after the first episode which was a wee bit more than 12%. But then the drama picked up its pace towards the end, making it a wee bit exciting again.

I was watching the pre-show special where Kohinata and Matsuda were conversing about the drama. Matsuda Ryuhei is a person who seems to be difficult to talk to. xD And scary in a way. But gosh, that facial hair and the shorter head of hair. AH~ ♥ So glad to see him a character that is somewhat... NORMAL.

The two brothers, Ryuhei and Shota~ they have the same... aura. Very introverted and they think on a different level than others. The answers they come up with for questions are like... weird. But when they get into character, they can really convince you that they are the character. They can play a pimp, a yakuza, a punk. Its... convincing.

Kuriyama Chiaki. Purrty~ So glad that she got paired up with Ryuhei! Though her character is a drag and a selfish one at that, forcing Heita to do shit for her so that she can be free of guilt and stuff. RAWR! xD Konishi Manami too. Purrty. Upon first seeing Yoshitaka Yuriko, I knew I've seen that face somewhere (but then its hard to not see any of the actors and actresses before. xP) to find out that she's that younger sister in "Noriko no Shokutaku". She's hilarious and very cute in here. Well, yeah, cos she's mentally fucked up... err, I mean crazy. That character, I mean.

Kaname Jun. Ah~ xD Lol, I should really [SHUT THE HELL UP]. Moving on~

I really wanted to quit watching by the 6th episode. But I'll went on watching. Completion is necessary. In the end, its just a story about a person with Multiple Personality Disorder. Depends on how you look at it, really. Or you can see it as the final act of defiance against his normal way of life for a timid person who always lied to himself to make things easier. In the end, he faced reality and its shittier than what he convinced himself to be. But then good things came out of it as well. Like Shinobu, Heita, cabaret girls... you know~~ people.

If we want to see laughter in the future, we have to take the tears that comes along in the future. I guess this is what it is about. I think. Wait, I am not sure. Matsuda Ryuhei's hotness distracted me from the storyline. xD

Ratings: 2.5/5

A final bit to prove that I was right on how facial hair makes a man... a MAN. xD LOL.

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  1. The dude with facial hair looks somewhat like my uncle XD


  3. XD eh what? Are you insulting me? XD

  4. Naw... just that my uncles are old farts...

    Its unfair.

    You have sexy Matsuda Ryuhei uncle.

    But then its good that I don't have hot uncle, because it would be wrong to call him hot.

  5. Rightyho. XD your reasoning is profound, i shall listen and ponder those words.

    But its good i do not have the same inclinations as you. XD

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