[Drama] Code Blue

Summer 2008

Starring: Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika, Asari Yosuke...
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This is a drama about 4 trainee-doctors who aim to be flight doctors. The four trainees were placed under their instructor, Dr. Kuroda, who seems to be a tough, stern old man who hates young people. (Or so, the actor says when he went on SMAPxSMAP)

Aizawa Kousaku, a seemingly very capable young trainee who is able to keep calm in a moment of chaotic mess. He is smart, skillful, confident and fears nothing.
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Shiraishi Megumi, a booksmart who is able to get her theories right. A top-of-the-class type who lacks confident in herself and her skills. Most probably due to the fact that he father is an outstanding personality in the medical field.
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Hiyama Mihoko, an eager young woman who gives herself more credit than she deserves. She started out with riding in the helicopter and performing surgeries on her mind but she has a compassionate side - like everybody else.
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Fuikawa Kazuo, a nerd who thinks he's hot stuff. Clumsy and incapable is what he truly is. Yet he is sneakier than he appears BUT has a good side too. Like everybody else.
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These four young trainees are rivals who will compete to be able to be a true flight doctor, who will ride on helicopters and save lives within a limited about of time and space and less than enough equipments.
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Theme song:

Mr.Children - HANABI. I didn't really like Mr.Children until very recently. When I came upon "Dakishimetai" by accident. And then I go... "Ah, I get Mr.Children and their popularity now." And then suddenly, a lot of their songs sound nicer than when I previously thought they were.

Yeah. Its not bad.


Shall I express my distaste for the drama upon watching first episode despite its high viewership ratings? Is it me, or is it that Pi is playing Kurosaki again? He doesn't smile, he's smooth, confident and cool. He knows what he is doing, he's all steady and shit. Yeah, and like in Prodai, there's a clumsy geek next to him to accentuate how tall, hot and cool he is. *Yawns* Type-cast galore! I don't get what is it about this man that is hot. His lack of facial expressions in both dramas and on TV. His refusals to do certain things that his seniors ask him to. His... HAIR! They all annoy me. His neck is too big for his small face. He is overrated. But oh well, for the sake of the memory of Akira. I'll just... watch.

Take Grey's Anatomy, and instead of climbing the ranks of medical doctors, the prize that everyone is aiming for is to become a flight doctor and voila, you have Code Blue. Well, with less drama and attendings+interns-banging and sexing up each other in the hospital.

Episode 1:

In a very Japanese-drama way, this drama quickly takes on the compassionate, human path where the trainees quickly realize that being a doctor is not all about the achievements and operations. The previously enthusiastic trainees quickly feel for the patients and know what to prioritize.

My first impressions on the characters quickly change towards the end. Which is exactly what the drama wants to show. Eager and brash trainees who quickly learn the more human, more realistic side of being a doctor and also, they learn about their own incapabilities. All of them except that Aizawa dude played by Pi. Yeah, yeah, Pi plays an outstanding trainee with lots of whatever good stuff. I am bored.

Yeah, he's good at everything. But probably, in the episodes to come, he'll reveal a DARK past. Woo. Probably killed someone before, thus brushed up his skills. Overcame obstacles and stuff and in the end he'll be a great doctor. Cliched.

I don't hate it as much as I sound like I do though. Its quite Grey's Anatomy, and I liked Grey's Anatomy. Now if only they can find a McDreamy~ or a McSteamy~. On a final note. Pi? Doctor? *Tee-hee*

Upon finishing the drama:

Did Yamapi make a single believable facial expression in here? I think not. Did this drama kill every ounce of like I had for Yamapi which I gained a year or so ago watching "Nobuta wo Produce"? Totally. In fact, it is running on a deficit. Geez, what the hell? I am placing my bet on botox. It must be botox. They can't make facial expressions after they get them.

What a crap drama. I regret even trying to watch it. And Pi's hair made me want to shave it all off. So annoying. SO DAMN ANNOYING. And rabid Pi fans can go ahead, bash the so-called haters for speaking their feelings or try to defend the damn drama or whatever. I am so sorry that they spent all that money making the drama. The only good thing about this drama is Ryo and Susumu Terajima. xDDD Okay I am biased cos I so totally am watching "Ryusei no Kizuna".

Ratings: 2/5

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  1. I thought he was playing the same role as Kurosagi as well... 0_0

    Gosh, this guy needs variety. His facial expressions all look so bland..... ^^;

  2. *nods*
    Well some can argue that this is what the role requires. But it rather pisses me off that he has all the opportunity in Japan and this was what he chose. Another one where he's the cool guy.

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