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I used to weight 45kgs. Now I weight 47kgs or so.

We know Ohno weights around 40kgs. We don't know how much more than 40kgs he is.

My womanly whatever feels insulted that that egg head is lighter than me or COULD be. Its the damn holidays, really. I slept and ate. I should exercise, but I am like... freakin' lethargic.

I so can go back to 45kgs once the semester starts cos I would be walking around a lot. (Yes, I don't even walk around at home. The toughest thing I had to do was climbing the stairs. I wish I live in a one-storey house. Really. At times, I feel so tired, I had to crawl up the stairs instead. Damn stairs.)

And... I think I might be 2 centimeters taller than Ohno, if not more. That midget says he is 166cm. I don't think so~ cos you see... Kobayashi Ryoko is 160cm AND she has no incentive to lie because I think in Japan, short means cute and they like cute. SO~ Ohno is so not 6 centimeters taller than Ryoko. I think. Wait, I don't know.

Hmm... well, fact is, I am taller than em. xD Haha, shorties! In fact, I am quite sure that I am taller than Nino as well. Cos Nino, I think, is just about the same height as Ohno. And Nino is a big fat liar. Shorties~ I feel good.

The fact that I strut around with my 5-inch heels shows that I love my freakin' awesome height. In fact, many men in my country are short. Tee-hee. Its the water in Asia, I tell you. They put it in the water. So right, if you have lots of testosterone and no estrogen to balance it out, the stuff in the water will react with the excessive testosterone and make them SHORT.

I am kidding. I don't know shit about sciences and hormones, really. xD

I am not that tall, but I am like... Asian. So, you know, Asian people are short, its the water. But then Yao Ming is an exceptional case.

Yeah, I have been really busy these days. Watching Hollywood movies again. The Dark Knight, The Love Guru, you know, movies. I love them movies and it helps that its not always centered around love, you see. Cos love is boring.

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  1. Ohno is... *falls*

    -_-"... no wonder girls in asia feel the pressure to be slim. But seriously, when a guy is that light, where is the muscle?

  2. You think he has any?

    Well, actually everyone has em. But~ you think he has a lot? xD

  3. I like my men lean. XD not lightweight!!

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