[Talk] This Has Something To Do With This Blog, I Swear

So, here's the case. I read a lot when I want to know about a certain drama, a certain group, a certain actor. You know? And the materials I read include blogs, just to survey around, to see how people think of and what people think of the subject I am focusing on. To understand how my view contradicts with that of the others and just find out the popularity of a certain subject.

And I really have a thing or two to say about people's general opinion of fangirls and the hypocrisy that has been going on.

Fangirl = A fan who is a girl.

I don't see any other way around it. I am a fangirl. I go gaga over how the boysies look, I go gaga over how stupid they are. I favour pretty girls who have some substance to them over those who obviously are talentless and look worse than I do. I applaud a good performance, I diss and bash the bad performances. I give my opinion on what I hate, what I like. I am biased like every other person out there. I accept the fact, I accept whatever that comes with it, be it a label that I am just a bitch or I am just plain jealous.

What I do not admit to, is being a stupid, delusional fangirl who thinks that their favourite performers are perfect and whoever who says anything bad about them should be crucified or mutilated and have their body parts serve as offerings to the idols whom I worship. Yes, there are fangirls who are actually sane.

But, these stupid fangirls are stupid, so I can forgive them. The thing that is pissing me off that I have to give my two cents about are people who are fangirls, people who are even more obsessed than normal fangirls are, yet refuse to admit that they are. I mean, you are a girl, you are fan. So what else can you be? A fucking fan-hermaphrodite? Or are you secretly a crossdresser and you are actually a dude?

I mean, they squeal, they get all excited, they can talk about nothing else other than their favourite whatever. Yet, when it comes to other fans of the same thing, they will refer to them as "those fangirls". THOSE fangirls. Like fangirl is a derogatory label. Like being a fangirl is so bad. They cannot even have enough brain capacity to understand that there are different kinds of fans. Rabid crazy fucked up ones with no life and those who are just into it for the entertainment the ENTERTAINMENT industry can serve us with.

Life is fucked up. The world out there is cruel, there is nothing wrong with indulging in the fluffy world of idols and pretty people and stories with perfect endings. There is nothing wrong to be happy with it. That is what the industry is for. They make you happy by pretending to be all colourful and happy. Many of us do understand that Ohno isn't really that stupid. Nino isn't really that smiley. Ryo, Jun and Jin don't give a shit about their fans and would probably beat you up if they do not have to suffer the consequences. They're not gay. Tsubasa doesn't really think he is 'rabu-rabu' with Tackey even if he said so. Its all an act.

Not all fangirls are delusional and in fact, without the fans, do you think the industry will be as glorified and as glittery as it is? We dedicate money and effort to indulge in the fluffiness. In return, they make us laugh with the useless shit that they come up with. Its all business.

Delusional fangirls, I can take. They're funny, they say funny stuff like "GASP THAT BLOG IS TOXIC". They're as funny as Arashi or V6. I totally love those delusional crazy ones. What I cannot stand is those who are in denial and think that they are better. The fact of the matter is, they are just as into the whole thing as we are, if not more into it.

Yes, this is from me. A fangirl, and am not ashamed of it at all. I see nothing wrong in indulging in shows, music, movies, videos of these idiots and then blog about it. I need a portal to express my joy and happiness in addition to my thoughts brought along by said medias. I force no one to read this blog. You stumble upon it on accident, fine. You want to contradict my opinions and call me stupid, you are most welcome. I just need a past time project. This is it. Just don't tell you are any different if you are doing EXACTLY what I am doing. Don't even try to say it like fangirls are something of a lower class. Well, you can say it, but I'd just think that you are too stupid to see things clearly as you are so taken by your high opinions of yourself. High, but empty.

END of rant.

Come I shall move on to talk about Ohno and Toma's appearance on Tokyo Friend Park II.

Yay! The two seem to be getting along great!

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  1. i hear you and i understand.
    from one enlightened fangirl to another yah?
    still enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Aww... thanks.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

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