[SP] Marathon

Starring: Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuoka Mitsuhiro

Nino stars as an autistic boy named Shotarou. Shotarou and his mother shares a special bond and his mother takes care of him day in and day out. Shotarou' mother, whom we will refer to as Mommy from now on, wants nothing more for Shotarou than for him to be able to compete in a marathon race. When Shotarou runs, it seems that he is as normal as anyone else. Thus, Shotarou began his participation in various marathons and was able to finish it with a respectable timing.

With cream puffs as bribe, Mommy made Shotarou run marathons. Shotarou ran without complains. Even though Shotarou is autistic, he often surprises others with surprisingly great understanding for certain things. Shotarou is also able to follow instructions to the dot.

With the help of a warm hearted reporter, Shotarou and Mommy found a coach to train Shotarou for the upcoming marathon that stretches up to about 40kms in length. After overcoming certain hurdles and strenuous straining that brings negative effect to his health, will Shotarou be able to complete the longest marathon that he is able to participate in?


Nino needs to play a lucky, happy character for once. A character that is not poor, sick or disabled. A character that is not sent to war, doesn't have a dilemma or something. Something.

I was interested in watching this because I saw an interview with Nino from when he was making this drama SP. Nino studied the behaviour of autistic children to accurately portray one. When he was on location, he was Nino for a moment and then 10 seconds later, he was able to slip into character, just like that.

I was amazed. Very amazed.

Nino's acting ability surprised me. No wonder he got more acting deals that Jun. But, he is so humble about it. In a foreign press conference for Letters from Iwojima, Nino insisted on his idol status, saying that in Japan, he just sings and dances a lot. Nino is so great... T_T

This is Arashi, so humble. Unlike certain other group that is apparently Keeping some faith. *cough*KAT-TUN *cough*... Arashi is a group with talent. Watching clips of Ohno in his play... you forget that Ohno is actually that spaced out. Sometimes, I forget that the person on screen is that idiot who does crap on variety shows.

When Nino was filming this, he was juggling the promotional activities for Letters from Iwojima AND Arashi's asia tour, that includes rehearsals for their Dome Concert. These people are actually really busy with no off days.

Oh and TOKIO's drummer, Matsuoka is in this SP as Shotarou's coach. Nowadays, shows cannot have only ONE Johnny's anymore... LOL. Not complaining, just that... Chinen was in Yukan Club. That is a totally random bit of info...

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