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Thank God today is a Saturday. I would tell you why I am so grateful of that, but I would have to venture into the world of ovulation, placenta and cramps. So I'd just leave it at that.

I know, I talk about disgusting stuff a lot. I just don't see why its disgusting or why should I avoid it. xD

Anyways, so the Tokyo University released the list of people who passed their intake exams. So M-Sta interviewed those who passed and failed as to which song was flowing through their minds when they knew of their results. They had 5 top failure and passing songs. Johnny's dominate the industry.

Well, the fact that I made an update out of it surely means Arashi is part of it. Cos I am a biased bitch. In fact, I am so biased, you'd think Cinderella's stepmom is fair. ^^

I don't see some of the songs' relevance, I guess they just picked a song from their head and the songs are here because they are new. For me, if I failed, it would be Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", if I passed, Queen - "We are the Champions". I know, right? Suitable.

Anyways, yeah. I just wanna show you Arashi's Arashiness, really, there isn't anything much. They originally aired the passing songs first, but then if I followed that order, I don't really have a reason to put up the caps for the failure songs. So I will reverse it.

Failure song number 5.
TOKIO - Honjitsu, Mijukumono. xDDD I think it literally means "Today, I am still immature" This is Johnny's y'all.
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Mr. Children - Owarinaki Tabi. Old, old song from the 90s.
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This is here only because its new. >.> Aoyama Thelma - Soba ni Iru ne ft. Soulja. Ryo was mouthing the song. ^^
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Dreams Come True - Nando Demo.
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Zard - Makenaide (Literally means 'I won't lose' I think, see I ain't sure cos I only know food names in Japanese. Ah Unagi.) This is a nice song. Sakai Izumi or ZARD, passed away a few years ago.
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Passing songs.
5. Ikimonogakari - Hana wa Sakura, Kimi wa Utsukushi. This song is here cos its new. Its good. I like this song. Ikimonogakari has lotsa good songs.
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Ulfuls - Banzai ~Suki de Yokatta~...
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V6 - Honey Beat. V6, clearly Johnny's.
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mihimaru GT - Kibun jou jou. I don't get mihimaru GT, but whatever.
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AND, number one passing song is.....

Arashi with Sakura Sake!

I know right. The whole post is just building up to this.

Arashi is having their dome tour and they are so popular. Oh what am I to do with them being so popular. Oh, this is so fun. Oh, I can't stop. Oh, I don't know. Oh, um... okay, you know, lets just stop this.
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Oh my uterus hurts. The PMS was not making things easier for my going back to class trauma.

I forgot how to socialize.

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  1. Would you mind telling me where you got this episode from???

    I want to see Arashi's part... XDD

  2. http://hotakky.livejournal.com/68962.html

    There you go. But I won't recommend for you to get it if you wanna watch Arashi's part only... because they appear for like, two seconds.

  3. hey rei! (is that how i should address u?)
    i just so happen to chance upon blog one day -and i don't regret it!
    i am a fellow johnny's fan -though i hate to admit it sometime.
    but i try to take my fandom too seriously and so that's why i enjoy your critical, witty and sarcastic comments and even share the same sentiments.
    so, keep up the writing. and i'll be reading!

  4. Hi amanda, yes, rei would be fine.

    Thanks for reading, love to read your comment(s) as well. C&Cs are welcomed.

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