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I am mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to watch Ohno wear big-ass rings and dance in a wriggly manner. Heck, I am even prepared to witness Ohno getting hair extensions and walk like Jun. You know, that Jun walk.

I have come up with a theory about Jun and Ohno's recent displays of affection. See, it might be Juntoshi like everyone think it is.

But I have this other theory. So, to become a better prissy bitch, Ohno consulted MatsuJun on ways to please Nino or make Nino want him more.

Lesson 1 from Jun was to show Nino that there's competition. Enlisting the help of Chinen Yuri from HSJ and also, from the master himself, MatsuJun, Ohno was able to make Nino jealous and stop him from doing that old fart named Clint Eastwood and YamaPi and Taichi. (Clearly, its a fictional piece of crap made up by myself.)

Lesson 2. Manicures. Hands are everything for a girl man. Getting manicure would show that you are um... um... well conscious about your looks? Whatever.

Well its either that, or Ohmiya's including Jun in their late night adventures.

Either ways, its really fine with me. Oh well.

You can tell that I just want to update because I have like 3 more hours before going back to class and I am sad and tired and I need something to do other than to study.

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