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Starring: Yuuka, Karina, Shiina Kippei, Oguri Shun,...
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The movie opens with a few people who died strangely after going through a string of strange events and being stalked by a bunch of I-don't-know-whats. Then the movie switched gears. Nagisa is an actress who was auditioning for a movie based on the true story that happened 35 years ago in a hotel where a professor killed 11 people, including his own children. When she received the role of playing a little girl who was killed by the professor, her father, (they changed the girl's role to suit Yuuka's age, which is err not a little girl.) she began seeing the little girl with a doll everywhere.
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On the other hand, Kinoshita Yayoi, a girl who has repetitive dreams of being in a hotel which she later finds to be the hotel in which 11 people were killed, went on a research with the help of her boyfriend's friend, Yuka. Yuka believes herself to be the reincarnation of a women who was killed in the hotel 35 years ago, strangled to death by the professor who was trying to prove a hypothesis that he has about reincarnation, and how after death, a person is still capable of remembering his or her past life.
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Geez, I got shocked a few time and actually screamed out loud...

T_T This is bad, I can't go out at night anymore.

Of course, another reason I can't go out is because of this.

Yes, the reason is that a KAT-TUN fangirl gave me a death treat. Notice that its singular. You know, its not the whole community, as I said before, its just a handful of teenagers with no life. Get a boyfriend. Fornicate. Polish a shoe. Collect your fingernails. At least those stuff are productive.

Insult not the KAT-TUN members for thou shalt burn in hell for doing so. All should worship at the feet of these six 'flawless' beings'. I can't wait for their next PV so I can be a major bitch again.

Uh... yeah. Okay, I have a stuffed nose, damn the air nowadays is so polluted.
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On with the movie, Oguri Shun had a small role. Its mostly focused on Yuuka's character, Nagisa. At first you think you know, then you are confused. Then finally, you go "Ohh... wow, I didn't see that coming until halfway through the movie."

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  1. XD hehe, the death threat was kinda funny.

    And the fangirl probably isn't anywhere near you at all, let alone has the connections to hire a hitman. Which means you are safe. Yays!

  2. Doubt not the abilities of the psycho fans.

    My life is in danger...



  3. eee i wanna watch! god, i hate it when we dont have internet excess...

  4. I... err... threw this movie out right after I watch it. I needed space, you see...

    If not I could've passed it to you.

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