[Buzz] Zettai Kareshi

They are making a drama out of Zettai Kareshi! That was the manga that I finished in one night! I really liked it. Though I forgot what it was all about except that it was about some robot named Night or something.

It stars Aibu Saki! She is that chick from Utahime - a drama which I have yet to watch, its just dumped with a stash of other dramas which I really still have yet to find the time to watch. Aibu Saki was also in Attention Please. Here's the bomb. Aibu Saki is dating Nagase Tomoya. She was rumoured to date Ryo and Pi. Depends on how much you believe in rumours. ^^ But they also spreaded a rumour that Ryo was dating SawaEri when they were filming together.

So yeah, she, like Kitagawa Keiko and many other women, are Johnny-hunters. ^^

Oh oh, I think Mizushima Hiro is playing that dude who likes the main character who is played by Aibu Saki whose character likes the robot named Knight.

Or something like that.

I previously got all excited of Mizushima Hiro - whose name is a pain to type so we will call him MizuHiro from now on - when he was Nanba senpai from HanaKimi! He should soooo play the lead. The dude playing the robot is some dude who was in Gokusen two who is not Akame or Teppei.

Its that tall dude with that face that you would never remember because he looks like 48325734 other actors out there.

I typed this at 2 a.m. on 9th of March because blogger is being a bitch to me and the general elections of my country is having this vote count thing where people demand recounts and the results are the most unexpected thing ever. I would vote, but I am 20, the voting age is 21. So yeah, life is a bitch and I have to wait for a few more years.

Oh yes, the entire nation is glued on to the TV screen and refreshing the news page, waiting for the results to crawl in slowly. There results was supposed to be out at 2230, its already 0203.

I am not going to talk about politics because its for old people. ^^ Of course the YUPpies are all hyped up about it this time, but I am not eligible to vote yet, so lets go back to the topic of Zettai Kareshi.

They casted that Mokomichi Hayami as Night. Why? If you want a drama to have high ratings and popularity, cast a Johnny. Its like, an unwritten rule or something. They should cast Aiba and Ohno in something.

This is random, but I totally wish that MatsuJun would date Ayaya. That is, if you want me to comment on them seriously, otherwise, I'd say he's gay and is dating Ohno and Nino in a threesome frenzy and is horny 98.3596% of the time.

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