[Drama] Namida wo Fuite


Starring: Eguchi Yosuke, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ueto Aya...
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Katsuo took in four kids when his senior died trying to save his wife from the burning house. The fire led to a tragedy where the mother of the four children was left in a comatose state and the four children are left without a roof above their heads.
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Kenta, the eldest appears to be a cold, unfeeling bastard but err.. is not. But he always seems to be in a PMS state and barks a lot at his benefactor. Oh it must be the puberty. Gosh teenagers... but then it cannot be blamed. Gosh the kid's life took a large impact because of that damn fire. Gosh why did the fire have to happen? Momo, the second kid, and only girl takes up the role of mommy to the two younger ones. Kouta, the third one looks like he is born from a different couple because god the other three look so cute and nice and all but this one looks weird. Ryota, the youngest wets his bed. A lot. And he strangely looks like that kid from Mukodono. I don't know who kidnapped who. Or are they long lost twins? xD

Anyways, this drama follows the lives of Katsuo and these four kids...
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ToT Sad dramas should be banned. BANNED. But then it gets happy after a while.

BlackGums age 17 looks older than BlackGums age 20 but younger than BlackGums age 23. I couldn't see if his gums were black back then.

Ueto Aya aged 15 looks cute and more likable before she got type-casted as the headstrong young girl trying to challenge new things, which is all she does right now...

Ueto Aya was a cute kid. So was BlackGums. Aww... BlackGums' acting talent didn't start when Iwojima came about. BlackGums really can act... especially when he cries. xD But it is said that he doesn't cry in real life.

Err... ToT


Oh yeah, its good, and from 8 years ago.

Wow, 8 years is a long time ago.

And, despite the low quality of the videos... I just... cannot stop watching.

But the quality is soooo low, I'll add the caps later... xD The drama is Chinese subbed. xD Luckily...

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