[Buzz] Muchaburi Ends

GASP, where is this past week's Tensai Shimura? I wanna watch that!

In other news, I dreamed that I was in a coffee shop then a freaking hippo came in and tried to run me over. The muthafecka was all pink with sweat and all. Lol, I swore on purpose there. xD I am sick of the notion that ladies/girls/members of the female human species don't swear. Well we very well should, its good for health. The words are there for a reason, you know?

In other news, Muchaburi is ending. We mourn the death of Kanjani8's less boring show of the two they are hosting now. Janiben is the other one, the more boring one.

Is it getting replaced? Oh no matter.

Its ending, I would screencap the episode but then its just a compilation of all the best moments of the past episodes. So no point right?

I'm trying to watch "Neverland" starring Imai Tsubasa and Miyake Ken. Murakami Shingo is in there too, along with Ikuta Toma and Errr... Tanaka Koki. I'm not sure I like him with hair. I'm not sure I like him performing. I just like him as that dude in that drama about the puddings. What is it called again? Gosh I have such bad memory.

I think I will stop doing assignments for the night and continue tomorrow.


Just two conclusions, 3 presentations and one executive summary away from getting my 4 reports and 3 presentations done before the mid term break. Oh and one mid term exam. I hate exams.

I have to be calm. Its almost over.

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