[SP] Amagigoe


Starring: Nagatsuka Kyozo, Tanaka Misako, Ninomiya Kazunari,...
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Set in the 40s the owner of a printing company flashes back to his teenage days - more specifically, the year 1926. He recalls the day he attempted to run away from home when he was 15. Climbing the Amagi Mountain, he wanted to go to Shizuoka to meet with his brother who had also ran away from home. The boy, Takichi, wanted to go to school and refused to take over the blacksmith business of his drunkard of a father.
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On the way to Shizuoka, he met with several men and a prostitute named Hana. Takichi was drawn to Hana and the two accompanied each other until they saw a labourer on their way back to Takichi's hometown. Hana then sent Takichi away, the two never met again.
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The scene then went back and forth from the middle age men to Hana's situation, being told to the older Takichi by a retired policeman who once arrested Hana for murder of the labourer.
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Ten years ago, Ninomiya Kazunari, aged 15 played a 15-year-old. A year ago, Ninomiya Kazunari, age 24, played a high school aged 17 at the most. So basically, Nino just aged 2 years in the 9 years' time. Lol.

And, the actress who played Hana played Nino's mom in Marathon. What a reunion! 9 years later, they met again. From Nino having the hots for her to being Nino's mom. This shows how the world will age and Nino will age... just a little. xD

I think its the Black Gums. Its slowing down the aging process.

From what I know, this tanpatsu is Nino's first acting endeavor. Its... err... bad. But considering how its his first, its... acceptable.

Lol, his eyes were so tiny back then, its funny! He looked like a nutty kid.

I had this SP somewhere, but I never watched it... I didn't know Nino is in it. Had I known, I would have watched it long ago. xD

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