[Album] Arashi - Dream-A-Live

Its going to be released 23 April 2008 which is around the time I am not here. Oh the went to the place I am going before... I wonder if their goods are in abundance over there. I'd sure love to get my hands on something good. xD Like the... Time Concert DVD. I'm hungrier than a horse, I wish its lunch already. Sigh.

Anyways, the covers of the Album are as such:

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I love it already. I love it. I don't know why. See, anything with a little decoration and a little PS would be better than that "Step and Go" boring cover. Except for that hilarious KAT-TUN "LIPS" cover. That totally looked like botox gone wrong from afar. They look like Meg Ryan and Priscilla Presley's lips. *snicker*

For the limited edition:
Disc 1 consists of 13 songs, Disc 2 has 5 songs.
It costs about ¥3,500. Which is... I don't know how much US$. You know, I don't give a crap about the exchange rate although I so should. Studying what I'm studying. xD

Disc 1 songlist:
  1. Theme of Dream "A" live
  2. Move Your Body
  3. Happiness
  4. Niji no Kanata e
  5. Do My Best
  6. Koe
  7. My Answer
  8. Life Goes On
  9. Step and Go
  10. Your Song

Disc 2:
  1. Hello Goodbye - Aiba "ManCandy" Masaki
  2. Gimmick Game - Ninomiya "BlackGums" Kazunari
  3. Take Me Faraway - Ohno "Artsy" Satoshi
  4. Naked - Matsumoto "Eyebrows" Jun
  5. Hip Pop Boogie - Sakurai "McNewscaster" Sho

Regular Edition:

One CD with 14 songs, costs ¥3,000. Why do they release it in such a way that you have to get both editions? Its annoying, really. Money grabbing monkeys. I am sure most of the fangirls won't mind. But its annoying that they are using such transparent tactics to dig your pocket.

Song list is same as the previous on except they threw in a song called "Once Again" as the 14th bonus track.

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