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27 February 2008

I had an okay day today... okay, yesterday, since its almost 2 p.m.. See, I went shopping. Shopping is . But I am made depressed by the knowledge that I have 3 reports due in the same week. And two presentations. I have 3 more weeks to go till reports are due. Meaning I have to finish one report each week, which is... actually quite manageable but I am a lazy byotch. So... T_T let me whine.

Ryo was looking pretty nice-on-the-outside-probably-abusive-on-the-inside in this episode. I bet he is trying out that method acting thingy for that drama he is appearing in. Sadly, he is going to be just a supporting character. The main characters are played by Nagasawa Masami, Eita and Ueno Juri.

But then Ryo really needn't act. He'd just be himself. We all know he's psycho on the inside and abusive, basically verging on sadistic.

Ah... I envy these people. They do crap for a living. I love to do crap like that. I mean, seriously... I'd willingly crossdress if someone paid me to do so. It'd be relatively easier for me to do so, since I am kinda flat. T_T Don't dig further. I can call myself flat, if anyone else calls me flat, I'd flip and bite an ear off that person. Its a pretty delicate area to touch on, since I have my womanly pride too. I'd do all those embarrassing stuff like put a stoking over my head, but the nipples-revealing T-shirt would pose as a problem. Even if I am kinda flat... It would be a big problem. But gosh... I hate these people who do fun stuff and get paid.

I miss Arashi. Why can't Arashi no Shukudaikun be aired 5 days a week? That'd be like being provided with unlimited food and not gain weight after consuming them. I know there's nothing connecting those two, but you know... I don't care.

Where the hell is Ohkura? Seriously, I haven't seen him for ages. GASP, he must have been impregnated and has to hide from the public until he gives birth to his lovechild. Most probably by Yasuda. I always thought Yasuda was the girl. Damn I was wrong. No, seriously, where is Ohkura? I heard he was busy with some SHOCK thing. Well, filming Janiben won't take so long now would it?

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There's a KinKi Kids commercial during the show. I lurve how Doko's hair was styled. I like DoTs's chubby cheeks.
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