[Talk] My Favourite J-Pop Divas

I figured I haven't devoted a whole update to talking crap here for quite some time. So here I go.

I know it seems like I only like Johnny's and watch Johnny's. However, I am telling you, its not true. I listen to a lot of female singers as well, just that I don't go crazy and obsessed over them because... okay, it just doesn't happen.

Amuro Namie
She's one of my favourites! You can put her in a plastic bag, the large types, the trash bags, and she'll still look hot. Really, so versatile and stuff. She started off in the industry as a part of a group called "Super Monkeys" I think. I know, what a name eh? Then she was a part of the group called MAX then she went solo. MAX went on with 4 member and did their own stuff. Her solo tunes such as "Body Feels Exit", "A Walk In The Park", "Can You Celebrate", "Never End", "Respect the Power of Love", "So Crazy", "Girl Talk", "WoWa" and "Baby Don't Cry" deserves a try.
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And she has that Nicole Kidman thing of the older you are, the hotter you get going on. So its cool. Once married to Sam, the dude from the group TRF - Standing for TetsuyaKomuro Rave Factory. They got divorced, and the info is sooooo from Wikipedia. So yeah. xD I first came in contact with her work when he reentered the industry after the divorce, with her single "Never End". It was soooooo good. When was that? Early 21st century, I would assume for it to be.

Nakashima Mika
Ah... Mika... often looking like a zombie, but a hot zombie. You know? You'd think that she sleeps in a coffin and like, doesn't eat, cos she looks like a walking zombie. xD But the shocking part is, she can smile. I know, right? xD I kid. She has a really calm, soothing nice voice and when she smiles, its so sweet! I like her a lot, a lot, a lot! I first saw her in the 2003(?) M-Sta Super Live. The one where she fell during the opening. The song was "Yuki no Hana" that year. Its one of my favourite songs EVER. I still listen to it a lot today. Other songs include "Find The Way", "Aishiteru", "Sakurairo Mau Koro", "Oborozukiyo Inori", "Glamorous Sky", "Hitoiro" and "Life".
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Mika tried her hand in acting. No, that is wrong. She started out acting. Surprise! Anyways, her most noted one would be the NANA series in which she played Ozaki Nana, a jrock vocalist with this all consuming-love with Ren. She cut her hair for the filming, the movie attracted the anime following to the theatre. The second movie was a total flop. The songs are great. End of story.

Hamasaki Ayumi
Uh-huh, I like her. Her songs have been consistently good despite her voice. Its amazing how the songs' melodies manage to pull her songs up the charts despite her um... voice. But the good thing is, when she sings, you know its her. What you need to be successful is a distinctive voice. That is what she has, along with Mika and Namie. Despite the fact that this diva is partially deaf and going downhill in her career, what she built up, her 'empire' will be remembered. I first saw her in a commercial on national TV promoting her album, and the PV they played was "Surreal". Other worthy songs "Seasons", "Dearest", "M", "No Way To Say", "Memorial Address", "to be", "Carols", "Moments", "Inspire", "Heaven", "Jewel", "Secret", "Together When"... just to name a few.
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She used to date that dude from TOKIO named Nagase Tomoya. I thought they made a cute couple. Its sad that it was over. I guess Nagase went off looking for greener pastures. Ayu can be quite the diva and totally high maintenance, but she is errr funny. xD Especially in that episode of Shin Domoto Kyoudai. LOL. xDDDD I like her.

Koda Kumi
Born Koda Kumi, she has a sister named Misono who is in the same business. Just fatter and less famous. That's all. From Avex Trax, just like Ayu, Koda Kumi is said to be the next top diva, taking over Ayumi. Ayumi filled the void when Namie went off to have a baby. So now, Ayumi's star is fading, Kuu is said to be the next big thing. She is pretty big right now, since the release of that "Cutie Honey" single. Ah, I remember watching her, wearing that.... outfit. It looks like she forgot her skirt or pants. xDDD That was the ultimate slutty outfit.
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I have to admit that I didn't like her initially. But she grows on you. "Koi no Tsubomi", "Yume no Uta", "Ai no Uta" and her collab with BoA in the song "The Meaning of Peace" are good. She is on a self-imposed suspension because of that stupid incident which is degrading even to mention it. I hope Kuu comes back bigger and better. I know she ain't strikingly hot or anything, but at least she has a selling point and she is so fresh cos she makes slutty likable. Not in a KAT-TUN way.

A couple of months younger than me, Ayaka writes her own songs and has powerful vocals. She isn't like, hot hot hawt or anything. But anyone can be hotter after all the manufacturing, so looks doesn't really matter here. She has this likable factor about her and by listening to her voice, you won't think that she's just 20 years old. I knew her through "real voice", then the collab with Kobukuro called "Winding Road" totally blew me away, "Mikadzuki" is brilliant, "I Believe" is good, "Clap & Love" is uplifting, her cover of "I Love You" just melts me with her powerful vocals.
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In short, I like her. She's good. She, unlike the rest mentioned above, composes her songs. Isn't that great? That's just like YUI! Ayaka was named best new artist at the Japanese Record Awards or something. xD Isn't that cool? xD

Special mentions:
Utada Hikaru
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Not my favourite, but I listen to her. Some song such as "First Love" (Duh, who doesn't listen to that again?) "Sakura Drops", "Flavour of Life", "Heart Station", "Dareka no Negai Kanau Koro", "Prisoner of Love".

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My age, writes her own songs. Sings with the facial expression of a cat choking on hairball. But her voice is clear and pure. Songs "Tomorrow's Way", "Life", "CHE.R.RY", "Namidairo", "Goodbye Days" and "Its Happy Line".

Ito Yuna
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Played Reira in NANA movies. She's pretty, elegant, has a powerful voice. What's not to like about her? Songs such as "Endless Story", "Journey", "Truth", "Faith", "Mahaloha", "Precious" and her collab with Celine Dion "Anata ga Iru Kagiri" Brilliant.

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Korean, sings good enough. Has good songs. "Every Heart", "Shine We Are", "Be The One", "No. 1", "Soundscape" and also "Be With You".

Otsuka Ai
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Started out cutesy, still cutesy, despite nearing 26. She's weird, a bit. But who cares? I like her songs. "Sakuranbo" was how I knew her, "Smily", "Planetarium", "Peach", "CHU-LIP", "Renai Shashin". Good stuff.

Have I named every female singer yet? No. I don't like the likes of Nami Tamaki or... errr I have to think... okay whatever. xD I listen to these people. End of story.

I am thinking of writing another Johnny's History post.

I'm thinking... xD Maybe next, next week. Busy with tests and stuff.

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