[Buzz] Kurosagi The Movie

Its in theatres on Friday. But not my local theatres.


But then I can wait...

I watched this 'thing' on the movie and the filming process and stuff. I know Pi is like 'the man' now. Although Jin is more popular in the fangirls area, Pi has more dramas up his sleeve and he is starring in a movie. A movie is certainly a bigger deal as compared to dramas. Somehow, I have that impression.

But the thing is... I feel that Pi is a BIT overrated. Now, I don't want to say that he is totally overrated because depending on who you ask, he can be very hot. He has so many dramas and a movie on his resume, he must have something that others don't.

However, as I watch that Jounetsu Tairoku or something, I feel that Pi lacks professionalism, justa bit though. No doubt he works hard. No doubt he is dedicated to his job. No doubt I like him. (Screw that stupid Akira character from "Nobuta wo Produce" for being so endearingly stupid.) No doubt he commands a lot of attention from fangirls.

But I always thought that his tendency to arrive late to meetings and rehearsals is really annoying. I know people like that, and frankly, I hate it. I hate going out with them, but I do anyways, because they are my friends. But frankly, I felt that being late means you don't care about a certain meeting or it shows disrespect. So, depending on the people present at the meeting, I may go late intentionally if the person is expected to be late. But I think Pi's lateness shows that he is a diva. No doubt, he is the star of the group (that is NewS), but being the leader, shouldn't he at least make an effort?

Getting used to him not being punctual just shows how the other group members' feelings are disregarded. Because I am sure everyone hates waiting because time is precious and people would rather do something productive instead of spending time waiting.

Yes, late people are a pain in the ass.

About the upcoming movie. Its set two years from the drama. Kurosaki most probably still seeks revenge for the tragic death of his family members. Then err... stuff happens. He'd probably do Tsurara. What? We all know he wants to.

I liked the drama. Ah the drama. If I don't have so many assignments, I'd watch it again.

Heck, I think I'll abandon my assignments and go watch it now.

Horimaki suggested that Pi crossdress, Pi was like all "No, never, over my dead body." What's wrong with crossdressing?! I mean, Arashi did that, Kanjani8 did that. I vaguely remember Takki doing that. Did he? Jin did that, Kame did that, Toma did that. V6 did that.

I don't like how he seems to pick and choose his jobs. Eliminating the jobs that he feels aren't cool. He wouldn't even smile for a photoshoot. Be professional. His seniors before him did, his juniors after him did. I don't like how he thinks his hot stuff and all. Even if he is hot stuff.

Jun is hotter stuff. Jun crossdressed. He didn't like it, but he did so anyways. I have a feeling the rest of Arashi likes doing it, so I am not going to put them into this argument. xDDD I have a feeling all of K8 liked crossdressing, especially Yasu. Ryo secretly likes it too. Kenken likes it too. xD xD What? They really seem to like it okay?

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