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Scans credit to wingist6@livejournal and denwa@livejournal.

This is the cover for the third version of the "Step and Go" single. It is exclusive for the members of their fanclub in Japan.

Me. Envy. They have like a diary and stuff inside that thing. RAWR!

I know they aren't great, but I enjoyed the process.

OH, its going to be Monday soon. I hate Mondays. I forgot the last time I hated Mondays. Probably it was some months ago, when Ohno hadn't started to paint his nails and Nino was still Ohno's main squeeze.

I think I am hopping to the bookstore after my 4 hours of classes to read for 2 hours before going back to class for 2 more hours. Decisions, decisions.

I could come back and have my energizing dose of Arashi before I go back to class but the thing is I would get depressed that I have to leave the monitor to go back to class. Its pure agony.

Ah I think I am sleepy.

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