[TV] Johnny' Countdown 2007-2008

I haven't watched it yet. I so wanna watch it.

It is an interesting one for Kanjani8, or so I read.

Anyways, guess what? No Uchi, no Kusano.

Oh well.

Would have liked to watch Ryo's happy face when Uchi rejoins, but oh well.

I have heard great things about this Countdown. Ikuta Toma appeared, or so I heard.

And all JE-mix. Meaning groups singing songs from other groups. This is just love. Luckily I am a all-around Johnny's fan. If its Johnny's I'll listen to it. So no matter what they sing, I'll be lovin' it. ♥♥♥

I think Arashi is the group that is responsible for the MC like how TOKIO was it last year. I think. Since I only watched bits of it, I can't say for sure.

They have an original song composed for this year's Countdown. It was great. Cheerful and all.

Its on Youtube at the moment. Japanese Youtube. HERE.

If I don't get to watch it, I will probably be depressed and then mope around and attempt mass murder on lizards and mosquitoes.

Please... LET ME WATCH THIS SHIT. Hey, Shit and This are made up of the same letters... xD

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