[Fanngirling] I Love All Things JE

It doesn't appear to be like so, but it is.

I love the Johnny's at the lowest point on my list more than the best Non-Johnny's out there.

Even Jin whom I 'bash' so much.

Because its damn fun okay?

And no, seriously, I don't think Jin is fat... Anyone sane won't. Its just he is really bigger than the rest of the Johnny's. Poking fun at that is fun.

And I have grown from disliking a few groups to liking even the junior groups within ONE freaking month.

Okay? Does that clarify things?

That explains why I didn't really have anything good to say about KAT-TUN to this point where I make wallpapers of them and watch their dramas religiously like its some sort of self-pacifying drug.

All Johnny's are loved. They aren't perfect, which is why I joke about their fat asses and stuff, but truth be told, I can't get enough of them, which is why I have a blog that is 95% about those monkeys. I love them despite their imperfections, despite their inability to fly or whatever these fangirls think the boys can do.


If Johnny's throw it out, if they seem to think its good enough to be released, I'd take it. Its bad, they can't sing, they can't dance, but nonetheless, I like them.

They entertained me a lot. A LOT.

So the comments, for me, its fine, really. Just that things have to be clarified.

In real life, I won't be caught dead saying this, because my life is not just this. But this blog is just about this and nothing else.

Ah when summer break ends... I'll be too busy to care. ^^

La~~ *hops off to watch dramas, starring Johnny's...*

Hachimitsu & Clover is good. 1 Pound no Fukuin... will be watched. Wonder if Bara no Nai Hanaya is any good...

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  1. Your humour is dry and I love you.
    That is all.

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