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Update 2:

Upon finishing, I still hate Yui Ichikawa. Maki Horikita is okay.

And Yamapi is the BEST!

Why does he always get the good characters? You know, the ones that makes girls go 'WAH'.

T_T Now that I have finished all the dramas or movies I have that has him in it, I guess I have no choice but to repeat... or search for more.


Upon watching episode 8, I have decided that Yui Ichikawa is freaking annoying to the point I would skip any scene with her in it. xD

Starring: Tomohisa Yamashita, Maki Horikita, Yui Ichikawa.

11 Episodes. - I haven't finished so I have no time to make screencaps -


Yamapi stars as Kurosaki, a swindler who went by the nickname 'Kurosagi' (not much of a difference, if you ask me) which means black swindler, I think. He only cheats other swindlers and pays the money back to the victim of the swindlers.

He does so for a reason. His dad was cheated by a professional swindler and killed the whole family, he escaped. He teamed up with the accomplice of the swindler who cheated his dad and always threatened that he would kill him one day.

On one of his jobs, he came across Tsurara (Maki Horikita) who believes that Kurosaki's way of life is not agreeable. She is a law student and believes that the law can help the victims. Then she became painfully annoying. She later, by coincidence, moved into the apartment next to Kurosaki's.

Yui Ichikawa's character is Yukari, Tsurara's friend who got cheated by her boyfriend and Kurosaki helped her get her money back. She then seemed to have had a crush on Kurosaki who, by episode 3 is so obviously getting involved with Tsurara who would apparently 'change his life'.

I prefer Yukari to Tsurara. Tsurara is the epitome of characters I hate. She and her ideal justice system. She and her idea of what is right and what is wrong. She and her goodness. She and her kindness. She and her innocence.

RAWR! Pissed off! I like her in Nobuta. Why oh why?!

Drama is worth watching, Yamapi is seen in many different costumes and behaviors. Funny. At times sad.


I decided to review this before I finished because I don't really wanna give out spoilers. xD

Anyways, this Maki Horikita will star in "Hanazakari no Kimitachi he" which is still airing in Japan. It stars Shun Oguri as Sano and, -get this- Kyou Nobuo as Oscar M Himejima, I thought Himejima is supposed to be pretty! It will be painful to watch. Too painful. I swallowed the Sano part, but Kyou Nobuo just turned me off completely. You know what is worse? Umeda Hokuto is not hot... T_T He is old! I think the good part is Minami Nanba. Nanba senpai's actor seems kinda... xD but only one picture... not so clear some more.

Maki Horikita is everywhere nowadays, so is Erika Toda and Masami Nagasawa. Definitely the up and coming actresses. Or maybe it just happens that I keep watching dramas with them in it.
I want to watch "Liar Game" with Erika Toda and Shota Matsuda (First Ren, Ryuhei's brother), but it seems so... ridiculous.

The thing about Japanese dramas is that, it is short, 11 episodes of 50 minutes. Which means that the story progresses fast, thus gripping your attention from the very first episode. That is what I love about it. Easy to go through, yet totally exciting, wasting no time with useless details. Cram them all into a mere 11 episodes, which is the length for most of the dramas I watched recently. 10, 11, 12, thereabouts.

I have yet to finish "Kurosagi", only reached episode 3. But I am totally taken by it. This is the reason why I don't watch dramas from TV no matter how good it is. Waiting for it day by day sucks. I would like to watch it when I want it, at the speed I want, wherever I want.

With this, I have become more and more intolerant with advertisements.

I will leave you with some Yamapi goodness.

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