[Movie] Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

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Starring: Aoi Miyazaki, Hiroshi Tamaki, Kuroki Meisa...

I was confused when I first saw that the two main characters have the same name as the two main characters from Renai Shashin starring Matsuda Ryuhei and Hirosue Ryoko. Yes, the guy is named Makoto and the girl Shizuru.

In fact, until today, I have yet to find out what are the connections between the two movies other than photography.

Anyways, the movie is so sad I don't think I can watch it again. T_T

The beginning was not sad, but near the end, the storyline became so bittersweet... And then there's Aoi Miyazaki. I read that Aoi was filming this movie thats why she gave up Nana (along with other reasons).

So to make this movie, the price is NANA2. So, it is expensive. Means, we have to watch.

Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture. But the guy's face is really funny. Not as funny as that Ryuhei Matsuda's but still funny.

Oh... sad. I shall go dwell in my sadness again cos I just watched a few scenes from the movie.

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