[Drama] Hanazakari no Kimitachi he

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Starring: Horikita Maki (Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi), Oguri Shun (Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2, Gokusen, Stand Up!!), Ikuta Toma

The storyline has been recycled from the manga to the Taiwanese drama. Now, the Japanese drama is airing. And its better than the Taiwanese version.

The Nakatsu here is totally *heart*. However, Oguri Shun's Sano is really annoying at the moment -but I am sure he will grow to be lovely, like the manga-. Nanba Minami is gewd as well. The aura guy is hilarious.The three dorm leaders... and Nobuo Kyou looks 30. What the heck is he doing in a high school drama. He is fat, and he is old. Is it not enough that he ruined Ren?! Is it not enough?!

Nakatsu, worrying about his sexuality.

Sano seems to be constipated all the time. Except when he is drunk. He gets all kissy and stuff. That is the only time where he can be funny.Sano, deep in thoughts.

The gay doctor, he is actually not that bad once you reach episode 3. Only 3 episodes are available right now. The Kagurazaka something something guy is played by some guy named Shirota Yuu. He looks good in the piccies but kinda scary in the drama.Gay doctor, Umeda Hokuto. He should be prettier.

I still don't like Shun but I *heart* Ikuta Toma. Nakatsu has always been a likable character, especially when he thought he was gay. But the Taiwanese Nakatsu is really annoying.

Maki as Mizuki is actually very good. Better than Ella as Mizuki, Ella's expressions tend to be overacted.Ashiya Mizuki, the crossdressing protagonist of the drama.

The storyline in the drama is changed a bit. Like how Sano got injured, how Sano found out about Mizuki's gender. Those are just minor details though.

One last time.

Nakatsu is *heart*. Nakatsu is hotter than Sano in here. It is good! Cos when I was reading the manga I was thinking... if only Nakatsu can be hotter than Sano. Then it happened!As he was having doubts about his sexuality (he has a crush on Mizuki, a girl dressed as a guy. At that time, he still had no idea that Mizuki is a girl yet he developed a crush on her that had him see flowers and sparkling vision every time Mizuki is around) he found lingerie.He felt tension in his heart, the doki-doki feeling. He then realized he is not gay. "Homo jyanaiiiiiii....", he screamed.
And he danced... wearing the... underwear.That was when the neighboring female school was hunting for the underwear thief in the all-boys school.In the end, they found out that it was the dog that stole the underwear, but the one that was found in Ashiya's room did not belong the the female school students. Nanba found it suitable for his chest size, so he tried it on...

Happy, Ikuta Toma is *heart*. He is under Johnny's but he never debuted as a singer, I think. I am not sure. He's good friends with Yama~P and Jin.

Okay, I am done.

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