[Buzz] I Will Be Eternally Traumatized

by the gheyness that is OhMiya.

OhMiya know no shame, care not about it and really display their affection this openly, in print. I mean, its not like they cannot have these talk in private.

I guess this is what we call fanservice.

In the January issue, Nino told Ohno that he wanted to eat Ohno. O.o Then he asked Chinen what he likes about Ohno.

To quote the words of redchemistry who translated these messages...

to ohno (sataoshi): me too. i want to eat you.
to chinen (yuri): i hope you can tell winkup why you like ohno kun so much. please explain things like, why do you aspire to become someone like him...i hope you can tell me why you like ohno kun best.
to yoko (yokoyama yu): i watched your drama. i enjoy it every week.
In February, Chinen and Ohno replied to Nino's messages.

to Ninomiya (Kazunari) kun. ohno kun is good at dancing and singing, he's rly cool. but in shows like 'arashi no shukudaikun', don't you think he's also a little tennen? i like the gap between the times when ohno's dancing and singing and the times when he's not. please do come to jump's concert.

to Ohno(Satoshi) kun. and so, please come to our concert! and please be friends with me! although we have met before, we didn't get to have a decent conversation. i hope we can grow close enough to be able to talk about anything. it would be great if we can email each other or something. and if it's possible, i would like to dance together with you. please!


to Nino: i have been thinking about this since 'that time' although nino said he wanted to eat me, after thinking about it for a long time, i've come to the conclusion that i can't be eaten yet(laughes). please give it a little more time.
Stop flirting in magazines for everyone to read.

Even I find that weird.

But its not like they didn't smooch during concerts or its not like there isn't any ass grabbing or hugs or just... touching. Lots of it.



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  1. you're not alone, i too am worried about how much their koi has affected my well-being O_o

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