[Buzz] Uchi's Comeback

News were buzzing around saying that Uchi Hiroki, ex-NewS and Kanjani8 member is to make a comeback into the entertainment world by starring in a lead role in a drama called "Isshun no Kaze ni Nare".

Drama is an adaptation from a novel. It will air on Fuji TV starting February 25th.

[Not 100% sure about the details.]

Me not happy.

Me very unhappy.

Me extremely unhappy.

How about Ryo?

Ryo never got to carry a drama.

Me not happy.

But I wonder if Ryo has time for a drama.

Before NewS got suspended, K8 wasn't as active. After NewS got suspended, K8 started to gear up, but at that time, he only had to participate in K8 activities.

Now is probably his busiest time.

I hope he gets to carry a drama soon.

I think its cool that Uchi gets to come out again, BUT, to star before Ryo does is kinda like....

I think they are going to let Uchi walk the path that Toma took. You know, to be active in dramas and not singing. Who knows. Johnny's is confusing.

Update: (This is like a god damn fan log. I have gone through too many phases that I don't even remember. So years later, I will be able to remember through this stupid blog.)

Anyways, this just came in like... fresh.

NewS was having their concert and UCHI came on stage during the encore and ran around wearing a NewS towel around his neck. T_T That's like... so WAH!

I don't like Uchi a lot, but its still very touching to have him up there. Its like that time in Tokyo Dome, he appeared during a Kanjani8 concert.

So Johnny Kitagawa didn't let him rejoin during the countdown, which was when everyone expected him to be the surprise guest. But let him go on the stage during a NewS concert AND Kanjani8 concert.

I am confused.

It is either the previous time during K8's tour, he was there to jack up the sales for the Play Zone DVD that was eventually canceled and this time is to publicize the drama that he will be in. (Ryo talked about the drama during the MC. OR so I read.)

Really, even though its cool if he rejoins, but I somehow think that it will mess up the NewS that is so united nowadays. NewS isn't always this united. In fact, NewS was once all over the place, members don't know each other well, don't talk to each other.

They're now doing good. I wonder if Uchi should go back it will work...

I have no doubt that K8 will accept Uchi easily. But NewS is a little difficult to say.

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