[Buzz] Ohno Is Great

Ohno Satoshi will have an exhibition for his artworks. He makes figurines out of like... play dough or clay or something. He paints, he draws nice pictures as seen in many shows. He takes pictures.

He is an all-around artist. He is great. This news is reported about at least 6 news websites. Including HERE and HERE.

^^ It will be full of Ohno-ness at the exhibition. Wish I could go and see. T_T

Anyways, there will be a photobook, wish I could get it. T_T

Oh well... I'll spend the money on clothes instead.

On other news, NewS is having their live tour going on. The other day, at the Dome, Kondo Masahiko was there, then Nino and Sho went too!

Oh and apparently Ryo and Pi hugged. A lot. In a lot of shows.

Oh well, I guess they are taking the OhMiya path of no shame. Good for them.

I have come up with a theory that its a love-pentagon that is happening within Arashi. Its sorta like Sho likes Aiba who likes Jun who likes Ohno who likes Nino who likes Ohno back.

I might be making up stories. Who cares.

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