[Drama] Nodame Cantabile

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Starring: Juri Ueno, Hiroshi Tamaki...

Storyline: Chiaki Shinichi is a music student in a University... and then err... stuff happens to him? Malas aku nak explain banyak banyak, if you are interested you would Google it up. xD

I don't care about Nodame, but... Chiaki is love.I think when he doesn't smile, he looks really cold, yet when he does, it is so... kiut. xD

That girl who played Sachiko in "NANA" is in here too, her character is a far more likable character compared to Sachiko.

Besides Chiaki, there's Masumi! You cannot not like Masumi!!! He is hilariously, deeply in love with Chiaki. He loves him. xD When Chiaki needs him, he would literally fly to his side. Hilarious!

But of course, it is one-sided, as Chiaki is very hetero.

The fact that the drama is soooo predictable is a killer though. Prince-type guy, weird-lovable girl, together in the end. If I like the girl, then its better. But Juri Ueno bugs me. T_T And I like Hiroshi Tamaki. T_T

The girl looks a whole damn lot like Ayaya. Ayaya is scary. T_T Ayaya jumps around in umbrella shaped dresses and dances like... T_T Barney.

Oah I am traumatized. How could Chiaki do that? Oh I am ranting away...

Here's the thing about Japanese dramas, they are short, they progress really fast, and they are straight to the point. There is no beating round the bush.

I hate Hongkie or Taiwanese dramas that just go on and on and on. It wears off, the excitement, no matter how good the storyline.

Like "Bleach", I ain't watching it no more. Cos it is too mafan. 100++ episodes? Seriously. But I still collect it though, just to know the ending, or watch it when I have nothing better to do.
Anyways, I will finish "Nodame Cantabile" in a few hours. And then when I wake up, I will start with "Liar Game" or that Korean drama with HeeChul in it. xD If I watch it, it would be the first REAL Korean drama I watch. I never watch Korean dramas, not even the famous ones such as Winter Sonata or Autumn in My Heart or Lovers in Paris. I never watch more than a few episodes. And then I got bored, because it seems so repetitive.

Man falls in love with perfect/not-so-perfect-but-special woman/girl. Man pursues. Other man comes along and tries to pursue girl. Girl torn apart. Evil woman likes Man. Girl cries a lot. Man says something romantic. Other man does something more romantic. Girl loves Man. Other man heartbroken. Girl and Man almost got together. Evil woman or Other man ruins the chance. Then there is the ending.

The endings are:
1. Man and woman dies.
2. Other man dies.
3. Evil woman hooks up with Other Man, Man hooks up with Girl.
4. Someone goes blind.
5. They all die.
6. One of them dies.

Korean dramas revolve around the relationships, the crying and all that crap.

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