[PV] Tohoshinki - Forever Love

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This is good. I like ballads.

The last line of the song was in English. And here I was thinking that they snapped into patriotic mode and mumbled something Korean...

Since after the "Step by Step" single, all their PVs look expensive.

They must be making profit for Avex.

They are collaborating with Koda Kumi for a song called "Angel" or something.

It is Koda Kumi! It's gotta be really sexy then, the PV. I mean, it is Koda Kumi, like, the slut of Jpop or something...

Okay, she can sing. Her new song, "Ai no Uta" is like, really good.

But her "Cutie Honey" outfit looks like something she stripped off from a porn star and decide to wear it to seduce high school boys.

JunSu... got hotter.

So did YunHo.
But YunHo still sings like he is on a toilet bowl and he hasn't got access to fibre food for a while and he is struggling to get his waste out.

Or something.

YooChun/Micky is... still sexay.

Dude... JaeJoong, black is the hair colour for you...

I have no doubt about that...

Hey... ChangMin? Where is ChangMin/Max?

Aww... he cut his hair!!!!!

Curly hair! That is so kiut!

He looks young again. Like in... in... errr... somewhere around their debut year.

YunHo, always the actor.

Other than the chick whom I didn't take any screencap of, this is the recurring character other than the group members.

A fake skeleton of some reptile.

Lookie, it is keeping JaeJoong company, that reptile.

OMFG soon they will go join the army won't they?

Poor things...

Nya... I can survive with the JE boys...

Curly hair!

ChangMin looks young again!

That calls for celebration!

Not that it is any of my business.

I need to study.

So you see Marketing Planning is the structured process that links the mission, organizational strategy and business strategy to marketing decisions and actions as you research and analyse the marketing situation, markets and customers. (Wood 2004)

I had to refer the book. T_T Okay, it is still not too late.

ChangMin: "This is how you grab asses, first, you shape your hands to match the shape of the ass..."

A few last ones of Jae.

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