[Drama] Nobuta wo Produce

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What the hell am I doing watching a drama starring two of the Johnny's member that I used to hate most?

Notice that I used the words "used to". Seriously, when people act stupid like that, you cannot not like them!

Okay, Kame's character is Shuji, the most popular guy in the school, to make it more cliched, the most popular guy in school is dating Erika Toda's character, Mariko, the most popular girl in school. Yamapi's character, Akira, is this rich boy who acts like he's drunk 24/7. I seriously think either Yamapi is trying too hard to act, or he took a little alcohol to help the acting. His character is either... indifferent to everything, or and idiot. There is... quite a thin line between those two.

And then there is Nobuko, whom I think is the leading lady. Nope, a popular, pretty girl cannot be the leading lady. You know why? Because it's really, really boring that the leading lady has a perfect life. xD

So this is what happens, Nobuko is this scary looking girl who looks like she is... Samara, the girl who climbed up from the well and kills everyone who watched a stupid video tape. Anyways, this girl was a new student in the school and a bunch of Japanese gangster schoolgirls are always picking on her.

Stuffs happened, and then Shuji and Akira decided that they would produce Nobuko into the most popular girl in school

Some more stuffs happened and then... stuff happened. You gotta watch it! Actually I haven't finished it, so... I can't tell even if I want to.

But, my dislike for those two guys... are gone now. FYI.

There are some things that you just can't help but like you know?

I have only reached episode 4 and I am squealing and uttering names such as "Yamapi" in a very, very sharp voice.

I am doomed.

In fact, I am considering to add stuff like "<3>

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