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They are old, but I haven't watched either of them until the day before yesterday. I would make screencaps, but I am too lazy.

You see, I watch it on Windows Media Classic (my fave player, ever) but I cant make screencaps on it. I can only make it on VLC player. Which sucks by the way. The only reason I kept it is because of the screencaps function.

I stole the screencaps from here, cos a review without piccies is just boring. Not that any of my reviews are not boring. But in the future, when i read it again, I want pictures to stimulate the memories...


Starring: Nakama Yukie, MatsuJun, Narimiya Hiroki, Oguri Shun, Ito Misaki.


Nakama Yukie plays a character called Yamaguchi Kumiko, the heir to a yakuza family business. But her lifelong dream is to be a teacher. Her grandfather allows her to pursue her dream. She was made the homeroom teacher of 3D, the worse, most violent class in the school (Forgot the name of the school, I think its Shirokin.)

Ah, like every fictional work with the teacher as the main character, you would know that the teacher would capture the hearts of the students in the end.

MatsuJun is really hot. How come I never noticed that? He reminds me of Bugs Bunny for some reason. Narimiya Hiroki who played Nobu in the "NANA" movies was in here, and Oguri Shun who can be seen playing Sano in "HanaKimi" too.

Ya, and if you noticed, MatsuJun was Tsukasa and Oguri Shun is Rui in "Hana Yori Dango".

The theme song is "Feel Your Breeze" by V6. I was addicted to the song a loooooong time ago, not knowing that it is the theme for the drama. It is a good song.

The storyline is predictable and very, very cliched. But, I came to enjoy it because MatsuJun was really, really and I mean REALLY cool in here. But cool is not the word for it...

Oh it guest stars Wentz Eiji. Also, Ichikawa Yui made an appearance. I still don't like Yui. I tried... like in "Kurosagi". I thought she was okay at first... and then she got annoying again. Tsukamoto Takashi from "Taiyou no Uta" appeared in one episode as well!

To make it even MORE star studded, Matsuyama Ken'ichi of the Death Note fame is also in here. Playing a small part as one of the students in the class. This was 2002, they were all just staring out, I guess.

Gokusen 2:


Starring: Nakama Yukie, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Koike Teppei...

Same teacher, different school, different bunch of kids. Same plot. Same predictable ending. YET completely enjoyable.

Akanishi Jin is adorable. I remember hating Kamenashi for no reason back then. I didn't like him even after I watched Nobuta wo Produce. BUT BUT BUT his character here is so...

Koike Teppei is his usual kawaii self.

There isn't really any difference in the storyline, making this season more boring than the previous one, cos you have seen it all before. Yet... the Akame+Teppei-ness of the drama is just entertaining.

I prefer Akanishi to Kamenashi.

That is because, to quote the Heyx3 host "His name is a combo of an animal and a fruit" Kamenashi. I think the kanji for Kame means a tortoise and Nashi means pear. xD The host, Matsumoto mentioned it 3 times that I have seen, in three different episodes.

He said it the first time when Shuji and Akira went on it, and then when KAT-TUN went on, he just had to bring it up again. And then when Yama~P revealed that him and Kame were rivals, Matsumoto was like "Ah that's because his name is a combo of animals and fruits right?"

Also, the actor for NANA's Naoki plays a small, practically mute role in here too. Well, not exactly mute, but he might as well have been. Wouldn't make a difference. xD

The theme song for Gokusen 2 is "No More Cry" and the insert song is soooo good.

It is "Kizuna" by Kamenashi himself. It is good. xD xD

Oh rating time:
Gokusen: 3.5/5
Gokusen 2: 3/5

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