[Single] Johnny's Upcoming Releases

Arashi - Step and Go
I cannot wait for it... It is set for release on the 20th of February... OMFG its so near the day I have to go back to lessons and classes and crap. OH I HAAATE classes.

I love being a lettuce, why can't they just let me?! Give me my degree and let me be the vege that I am... RAWR.

NewS - Taiyou no Namida
Will be released on the 27th of February 2008. Theme for Pi's "Kurosagi" movie... Speaking of "Kurosagi"... I remember watching that last episode where Pi was to scream and put his hand up in an effort to reach for the antagonist in the drama while being stopped by tens of policemen.

I laughed. Even when I was in the middle of my Pi phase... xD cos its so funny. Hmm... I wanna watch Nobuta wo Produce again. And I cannot wait for "ProDai SP". I like Pi and Nagasawa Masami more than the so-called YamaKi combo of Pi and HoriMaki. PiMi has a good vibe and they rhyme. Masami, Yamapi, Maki.. Okay... they all almost rhyme...

I think NewS should do a NewS version of P"ikaNchi". I think every group should have their version of "PikaNchi". It puts the love in member-love.

KAT-TUN - Lips
The theme for "1 Pound no Fukuin". 6th February 2008. Its a busy month for Johnny's fans this coming February. I... um...

Well, here it is, I am going to say it.

I think I have the performance... got it before people started to interfere my crap talk on my blog. Now I completely lost interest. Not that it is anyone's fault... *cough* *cough* I wonder if Kame gained weight for the drama... I mean, reading the synopsis... I was like "Are you sure? Kame? Cannot control appetite? Heavier weight class in boxing?" I mean... how can he play a character like that when Jin's stealing all the food?

What? I mean, last I remember Kame's a total stick figure. Gosh they should feed him. Stop giving all the food to the guy who is voted the sexiest! Feed poor Kame! But yeah, he must have gained... that Kame, I mean.

Oh well.

I wonder why did they arrange the release date so near to each other. Especially with Arashi and NewS. A week apart.... Arashi's sales will be affected by NewS's release...

But then Johnny's need no advice in marketing or anything, I mean... they are dominating the whole effing boy-band industry, and music shows, and dramas, and stuff.

I hope for another fluffy one from Arashi and I have heard Taiyou no Namida from news reports on their dome concert... its cheerful. My type of song baby!

Arashi should make another PV like "Happiness" or "Hadashi no Mirai". Ah "Hadashi no Mirai" is a nice song let me go listen to it now...

Oh, oh, I think Uchi and Kusano are never going back to the groups.

I don't know what to say about it... but since I started to really like the monkeys after they got suspended... its totally okay for me either ways. See, if they go back, I'd get to see a whole new group and it will be the beginning of a new era...

If they don't... well NewS and Kanjani8 are both doing better than ever... but the rejoining would probably boost sales for a single or two... its the product modification thing. You know, create all the hype and all.

Really, sometimes, in the music industry, a good voice doesn't really sell. I mean, look at all the American Idols... Reuben who? Taylor what? But I know Carrie and Kelly... for Jordin... I think... not, but who knows? [Forgive the AI talk, I was watching it and the funniest thing happened and I got excited.] Its the package baby, the package. As far as I know anything those Johnny monkeys throw out will sell, probably better than the rest.

I think next I will talk about Nakashima Mika being a total stick. I totally love her and her being a total stick makes me love her even more... But yeah, she needs to eat some carbs, really, being that skinny cannot be too healthy.

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