[Talk] I Want To Fire The Person...

I want to fire the person doing Aiba's hair.

Aiba has a really delicate type of face that is really easily affected by the type of hair he has. If his hair doesn't suit him, Aiba becomes... very... plain or not hot at all.

BUT, if he has the right hair, he can be really really hot. Sometimes beyond that of MatsuJun or Sho. Yes, I really think so.

But see, Jun and Sho have stronger features, which is why they can have fugly hair and still work it quite okay. Really, Aiba's feature are delicate, not that strong. So, whenever he shows up with fugly hair, I really feel that its such a pity. So much potential, yet overshadowed by the fugly hair.

For me, I think Aiba's hair should be black. ALL. THE. TIME. The darker his hair is, the hotter he looks. This is the conclusion that I have come to make after observation and testing of hypothesis. I dug out videos all over the years (I haven't been into them for that long, but I have videos from back then to now.) and I watched them carefully. You see, the most recent ones are difficult to make screencaps of. But, I spent an hour or so and finally caught them. Later...

I feel kinda bad for Aiba because he seems to always mess up and is such a klutz, to add to that, he isn't really commanding as much attention as the other four. Sho's hot and he does all the rap and his fanbase is huge. Jun, well, his popularity is something that no one doubts. Ohno, he's always the weird one that becomes the highlight of the talkshows they go on. Nino has the whole Hollywood big-shot thing going on.

Aiba... well, he appears in variety shows a lot. That's about all. But he is special too. T_T

I get sad when people don't see how special he is. He can brighten up a show's atmosphere. He can make people smile with his contagious laughter. He's so sweet and innocent and naive sometimes...

This is sometime last year, I think. But this is a special where they aired past videos for viewing.
Ash blond or whatever you call that shade of blond, is not good for you, Aiba.A bit darker. Looks better on him.But it lightened up again earlier last year.Darkened again later last year. This was when he looks really, really hot..!
Yes, that is a large overall that Ohno and Aiba are trying to fit into... This was about perfect, but they chopped it off.Judging by ONLY these screencaps, one may wonder what the hell is their show about. I wonder too, even though I watch the show. Christmas time Aiba was okay, shorter hair, but still hot.Countdown Aiba was a no-no. And so little camera time. T_T
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
The size of the screencap from the HD copy is totally amazingly big. So I have to thumbnail it.

Oh ho ho.

I am trying to get the HD copy of the Countdown... I mean, a show as Johnny-studded as that needs to be viewed in HD. HD is the best thing that ever happened to err... stuff.

Next time I will talk about how Jun has a one-sided thing for Ohno. The many faces of Sakurai Sho. And also how Jin is stupid only when Pi is near him or within the vicinity. ^^

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