[Drama] First Kiss

Starring: Inoue Mao, Ito Hideaki, Hiraoka Yuta.


Episode: 11

A girl with a heart disease postpones her operation that has only a 50% chance of success to return to Japan from Los Angeles to meet with the brother that she hasn't seen for 10 years. After she arrives in Japan, she realizes that her brother is a total loser with no job and lives with his two best friends.

After learning of his sister, Mio's situation, Kazu is bent on helping her find her first love. After several attempts, Kazu learned that Mio fell for a newbie doctor that is taking care of Mio. Will their relationship prevail? Will Mio survive the operation?


Ufuufuu~... okay, I sound like a perverted old man. BUT, Hiraoka Yuta is so cute. I disliked him in NANA... but in "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" he was okay, then in "ProDai" he was so cute, then in "Boku wa Imoto ni Koi wo Suru" he was... so-so, then in "First Kiss" he is... Ufuufuu.

He reminds me a bit of Kato Kazuki, but cuter. And his smile reminds me of Kato Kazuki's as well! A boyish cuteness to it.

You know when people smile with the sides of their eyes wrinkling up? I'm very weak with that. ^^ Just sayin'... Right, okay.

No matter what I see her in, Inoue Mao or we shall start calling her InoMa just reminds me of Tsukushi. I totally fixed her as that role in HanaDan that I can't see her as anything else. So... yes, throughout the drama, I went "How about Tsukasa? How could you?" Or something like that.

InoMa is not a very versatile actress. For me, that is. Versatile... like, say... hmm... SawaEri? I mean... yeah, she is versatile alright. In addition to that, to act as a girl for L.A. is just... wrong for InoMa. She tried to speak English and seriously, I couldn't understand her if its not for the subtitles. Her English almost killed me. Almost... since I am still typing.

Anyways, its a predictable drama, a little boring, but there's Hiraoka Yuta. ^^ His character is totally ! OMFG like seriously, why do characters in dramas or mangas (Yes, yet another manga adaptation, this is.) have to be so... wow? See, I almost used the word 'moe' but I refrained from it. I am not sure if 'wow' can properly convey what I feel. But it will have to do. ^^

Oh and Ito Hideaki is really hairy its disturbing.

The theme song is great. It is "Kokoro" by Oda Kazumasa. ^^


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