[PV] Koda Kumi - Last Angel ft. Tohoshinki

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The song is quite nice after you listen to it a few times. Its a new genre for Tohoshinki I think... as I have, not to boast but, I have in fact, heard every single one of their releases. And I haven't heard anything quite like this.

I guess it has more Koda Kumi flava than Tohoshinki.

The video is good though. Like, even if the song didn't attract me in the first place, the video sure did.

Let me run you through on the video.

First you see a futuristic city with all the silver, stainless steel or whatever metal they come up with in the future.
Then you see lots of Koda Kumi.
Then you see the boys.
They dance. With imaginary partners.
And then, they decide to adapt some aboriginal dance moves into their choreography.
Then YunHo flashes his god damn mole near his mouth. Damn I hate that mole. But he looks yummier here though.
Then Koda Kumi responded with a mating call action. To which JaeJoong may, or may not have responded.
JaeJoong was so checking out Koda Kumi's ass here.
Nice hair, JunSu. xD Lookin' fine too.
I am biased. JaeJoong...
Has more caps, and ChangMin is so, freaking, constipated.
"They wouldn't let me POOP!" Do not mess with constipated people. They are fierce.
"I think I am going to just take a dump here..."
"*CHOKES* Oh, that must be the mother of all stinky poop!" Micky almost fainted from the smell.
JunSu thought his poop could have stiunk more, but decided to keep it to himself. (I am omnipotent and omnipresent. I read minds. DO NOT FOR A SECOND DOUBT WHAT I SAY IS TRUE.)
......... I have no comment here.
Meet the new Hugh Hefner and her... um... Shinkies. >.>
JaeJoong had a bad dye job...
Micky had a bad hair cut. It looks like some rodent hopped onto his forehead and chewed his hair shorter. Said rodent might have dyed from hair product poisoning.
No, this is the wrong hairstyle for Jae...
I don't know why, but I think JunSu and ChangMin are flashing their biceps. I think that is not a very good thing to do...

>.> It is not like they have a whole lot to show the world...
The last thing you see is an eye.

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