[Drama] Kimi wa Petto

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Starring: Koyuki, MatsuJun, Eita, Ishihara Satomi,...

Story starts with Iwaya Sumire, a cold, lonely career woman getting dumped by her boyfriend of two years. She also received a demotion after punching her boss on the face causing him to lose his front tooth.

The night after she was demoted she went home all gloomy and sad. And then she saw a box in front of her condo building.

She opened the box and found a puppy-like man sleeping inside the box, injured. He reminded her of her dead dog Momo.

She brought him home and nursed him back to health, thinking he'd leave the next day.
She cooked for him and all and later came back from work to discover that the man wanted to stay.

At first she was against the idea, then the man was like "I'd do anything, just let me stay!"
She jokingly suggested for him to be her pet. He agreed to her surprise.

Awwwww.... MatsuJun is sho kiut in here like a fluffy-animal-thing.
See, he gave her his hand... like a well-trained pup would.
Eita plays MatsuJun's character's friend. MatsuJun's character wasn't always Momo, at times, he'd go to dance classes and have a social life. He also has a bitch... I mean girlfriend(since he is sometimes a dog and all... even I am confused if he is a dog or a man) pining for him all the time. And fans of his dancing.

Soon Sumire grew attached to this understanding, cute, cheerful pet of hers.
Her ex was played by Nagano Hiroshi of V6, since they sang the theme song... its no surprise.
Despite all the cuteness, MatsuJun's natural aura of arrogance still shows up at times... and he really has this arrogant look. Even without trying.
"Wash my hair, clean my scalp!"
Shoooo kiut!

Koyuki appeared in "The Last Samurai" the same year this was aired, I think. She reminds me of a certain PK HEM I had back in school. It was disturbing.

Anyways, MatsuJun at his fluffiest and cutest in here. I don't mean in a guy-cute sorta way. I mean he was playing a puppy to his Sumire-chan. It was just plain cute, like how you would call a puppy cute.

Eita plays the best friend whose name I still can't remember, like how I couldn't remember his character's name in "Nodame Cantabile" and "Sapuri".

Ishihara Satomi plays Momo/Takeshi's ex. She looks so young in here. She recently appeared in another drama called "Hanayome to Papa" with Taguchi Junnosuke of KAT-TUN. That guy with the suspicious smile... I am planning to watch that, but only after it finishes airing.

To wrap it up, MatsuJun's cuteness makes the whole thing so... awwwwwww.

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