[SP] One Litre of Tears

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2 hours and 20 minutes special.

Starring: Sawajiri Erika, Nishikido Ryo, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Jinnai Takanori, Narumi Riko, Fujiki Naohito,...

Made the screencaps myself.

This 2 hour plus special took off where the series left off. Sort of. It picks up the storyline half a year after Ikeuchi Aya's death. Since the drama is based on Kito Aya, who passed away when she was 25 years old. This would have madde Nishikido's character, Asou Haruto 25 and a half years old at the time of the special.

Our beloved Asou-kun has successfully become a doctor in the same hospital that Aya was admitted to. Fujiki Naohito made an appearance in the hospital, as Asou's colleague.

Asou-kun wasn't taking Aya's death that well. He was basically dwelling in the past and in his own sadness.

And then one of his patients was this little girl who was confined to a wheelchair and was pissed off at everyone because of her sickness. She was reading Aya's published diary and went around asking everyone about her.

Oh, FYI, Aya's sister, Ako has become a nurse in the same hospital. She was dealing with her sister's death better as she realizes that her sister's memories and her diaries will help a lot of people. She intends to help others like her sister has always wanted but could never do.

Dr. Asou told Aya's story to his patient, Mizuki.

85% of the special was just scenes from the drama, it was just a summary of what happened. Scene came back to the present once or twice before Asou finishes his story.

The famous scene where the powdery snow was falling and Asou, wishing that he could do more for Aya, wept behind Aya's wheelchair.

Then Remioromen's "Konayuki" kicked in from the background.

It was most touching and heartbreaking to watch, as I believe EVERYONE watching the drama was rooting for Asou-kun to be with his Ikeuchi.

Asou-kun, finally sorted out his feelings and confessed to Aya.Those are all scenes from the drama, actually the SP is just a recap, guided by Asou. Quite a disappointment. I expected some new scenes. Like untold scenes being revealed or something...Mizuki, touched by Aya's bravery, decides to continue rehabilitation. Asou-kun watches his patient being wheeled off, determined to live her life to the fullest.
Nishikido Ryo has a nice smile. A very, very nice smile...Ako heard his words of inspiration, came forward to speak.After Ako went off, Asou-kun took out his cellphone and called a number, which was Aya's number...The dolphin Asou-kun bought during his first date with Aya to the big aquarium. Aya's was red, his is blue. They had matching phone-hanging-thingies. Aww....Unable to contain his sadness further. Asou-kun wept alone.T_TAya's smile flashed into his mind...T_T
ToTThe real Aya, who suffered from Spinocerebellar Degeneresis or something like that. She was the real brave girl. T_T
She died after approximately 10 years after she was diagnosed.

I was depressed for 2 weeks after I watched the drama.

This SP had no subs yet. So basically I was watching will listening to weird sounds from the mouths of the actors.

But it was sad enough. T_T

I think I will be depressed for a while...

Ratings: 4/5

Nishikido>Yama~P, for now.

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  1. :O its ryo? I never realised.

  2. This post is in return of the one who posted this episode coment and all the good pics of this episode: Look, there is a page where I saw this Dorama for a thousand time... It's this one, and has english Subs.: www.mysoju.com Search in the list of "Japanese Drama(s)", 1 litre of tears, and there are, the episo9des(11), and the Special episode ("number 12").

  3. i loved this drama! never thought it would make me cry a lot! i want to see the real haruto. do you have any pictures? and did haruto got married? tenks.:)

  4. unfortunately. haruto is just a fictional character made for the drama. there is no haruto in the real aya's life.

  5. i really love aya's story, i'm not watching the special story yet, whould you mind to share the video's file???

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