[Drama] My Boss, My Hero

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Starring: Tomoya Nagase, Koki Tanaka, Yuya Tegoshi, Kashii Yu, Aragaki Yui...

This is one of the most entertaining dramas I have watched recently. And I have watched A LOT of drams recently. It doesn't star Yamapi (pheww) but it is still very Johnny's. Nagase from TOKIO and Tegoshi from NewS and Koki Tanaka from KAT-TUN.

This drama is funny enough to make you tears flow, touching enough to make tears flow. T_T Ridiculous enough to make me want to throw my chair at my monitor. But I didn't.

I also discovered that to me, the funniest Japanese phrase I know is 'Imi wakanai," No matter who says it, in what situation, it just gives me a laughing fit. It strikes a funny vein or something. xD

Nagase stars as Makio, the young master of a yakuza clan *snickers* who is 27 years old and has problems adding 5 to 25. xD His father, the Boss of the gang threatened Makio that if he doesn't go back to the 3rd year of high school and graduate, his little brother (who looks really freaking annoying) will take his place as the next boss.

And so the 27-year-old, obsessive pudding lover, posed as 17 and went to school. xD He tasted friendship, teamwork and love in school. He fell in love with the girl who sat next to him and lent him a pink mechanical pencil for his exam. He learned how to be a better person, he slowly quit smoking and learnt maths, science, even English. He is so rabu rabu in here I couldn't stand it. I seriously couldn't stand the... fluffiness of the script.

Once, he read a book called 'Hatsukoi' or 'First Love' and then his mind filled with the thoughts of love then every time he saw that girl, Hikari, his heart felt funny. xD Then Koki was reading to him his horoscope and told him he was going to find a love interest, who owns something small and pink, which is the pink mechanical pencil.

It was so funny I had to pause the show, and take a breather before I continued watching. It is so funny!

Yuya's character is Jun who sits next to Makio and affectionately calls Makio Makki. Koki was casted as one of Makio's loyal followers. He worships the ground Makio walks on, it was so comical and hilarious! I *heart* Koki in here. He looks sho kiut and puny next to tall Nagase Tomoya! He looks like a monkey with no hair.

And then and then, a few episodes later, Koki came along and wanted to go to high school as well. OMG this drama is ridiculous! A must-watch. His character is Kazu and he is my favourite in the drama!

The homeroom teacher of Makio's class was so obviously smitten with Makio. It was kinda disturbing. As a punishment for Makio for ripping the school flag (I think) off to fly from the top of one building to another, Makio was asked to write an exchange diary. Whilst reading the diary, the teacher was smiling to herself like a schoolgirl in love. Although he wasn't really a student, but she thought he was, and she was so smitten with him while thinking that he was a student. She even wrote a *heart* at the end, and then realises it later. Gross *shakes head* What has happen to the world nowadays...
PUDDINGS are a big, large, enormous issue in this drama. The high school, besides education, revolves around pudding. One fine day, the canteen didn't receive pudding from the maker, the school was practically in chaos. When the announcement was made through the speakers (Yes, when puddings are not sold, they make announcements) the whole school stopped dead in their tracks and then attacked the canteen owner. xD

The next day, there was still no pudding. Dark clouds appeared above the school, and the students looked like they have had no food for ten days. The school seemed to be in a drought.

Pudding is a must! They suffered without pudding and then they all went mad. xD They even lost the will for exams. Pudding has to be soft, creamy and LIMITED. Or it wouldn't be as good. Damn, this drama good education! xD xD

The race for the puddings is indeed an intense one.

Oh, why oh why? Why are all the dramas I watched recently so good?!

The last episode... T_T

Okay, I am done.

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    XD my friend actually showed me the stampede for pudding scene... its on youtube. XD funny funny.

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