[Drama] Gal Circle

Starring: Fujiki Naohito, Toda Erika, Suzuki Emi, Aragaki Yui, Yaguchi Mari, Iwase Mayuko...

One day, a cowboy from Arizona named Shinnosuke was sent to Shibuya, Japan by his friend Geronimo III to search for a 17-year-old girl named Imoko. Not knowing the reason behind his search and not having any information other than the ones mentioned above, Shinnosuke sets out on his mission.

He traveled using a helicopter and when he arrived in Shibuya, he jumped off the helicopter with a parachute. While viewing Shibuya from above Shinnosuke saw a group of girls dancing the Para para. Convinced that Imoko should be one of them, he searched around for the group of girls.

After a series of events everyone around the area warmed up to Shinnosuke because of his innocence, kindness and his ability to solve problems.


WTF?! Fujiki Naohito? I never knew you could be this stupid!

I don't know what to say about this drama.

The sight of Fujiki wearing the cowboy costume and speaking English is just odd.

And, and, and he uses the word "Shit" like ten times in here.

The first episode had me laughing a lot, but then they just stop the make sense. The stories, I mean. Oh well, I missed episode 6 because of some reason...

Anyways, yeah okay. Whatever.


Its not that its bad... its just odd.

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